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Discussion items

  • See Notes below - copied from email
  • Website very outdated, but not part of navigation
  • Possibly create new page with general LexEVS info.  Link to wiki for additional technical info.
  • Possibly look at github io page or wiki for that tech info?

CentOS 7 / MySQL Migration
Anyone heard anything? No contact yet.  Will ask again today

Disjoint added to MasterScript
Any issues on Monday for AWS?  Yang not present to answer

  • Loaded successfully
  • All extracts loaded successfully
  • Still need to look at memory issues
    • Ran a profiler and java calls seemed reasonable
      • May need to bank 3-4 days of profiling to diagnose
      • Very high CPU on MRSAT association quals - 12 cores.
      • MySQL settings unlikely to be an issue. 
    • top reserves a huge amount of memory.
      • Possibly lucene was reserving virtual memory
  • New feature - script to clear all malingering execution tables
  • New feature - parameter to keep execution tables

EVS Exporter
  • Demo for editors last Friday - made them happy
  • Some concerns
    • 508 compliance - ANDI compliance tool

      • some underlying elements can't accept labels directly, would need context text.  Need to know more about accessibility requirements
      • I can take a look to assess.
      • Some imported third party libraries having issues.  Need to look at how to adjust
        • themify
    • Performance - 
      • C1909 resolution takes a long time - possibly might get end user to agree to incompletely resolved entities
        • Can take several hours (compared to about an hour for LexEVS)
        • Might restrict how many levels? Unlikely to be accepted
        • Most all queries run against elastic search rather than stardog. New release on dev might help
          • Kim believes indexes should not make a difference since it is a direct retrieval
        • Mayo would like more information about how EVSRestAPI descendence call works
        • Scott to look at instrumenting his own code to try and find inefficiencies there
    • Build scripts being worked on for tiers.  Been working with TT for setting up Jenkins

EVS Explore

Some new tickets about multiple vocabularies? Currently need to stop, do indexing, and bring up to notice a new version of NCIt.  Would like to update live. Possibly have a monthly and weekly version up at same time?

EVSRESTAPI-120 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Ticket about metadata 

EVSRESTAPI-119 - Getting issue details... STATUS


EVS Downloads is not accessible, so we can’t review it.

The NCI Thesaurus Downloads and License still has links to NCIt 18.12e as the “current” release, so this page has some work to do.

LexEVS Downloads and License still has LexEVS 6.2 as the “current” release, so this page is also not ready.

EVS Archives is also out of date because the LexEVS Downloads is out of date.

Action items