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Discussion items


CentOS7 migration
  • LexEVS - Already on 7
  • Stardog - some VM shut down, everything else already on 7?
  • evs-downloads - controlled by Web Team

MySQL migration
  • Current NCI docker image is 5.6, need a 5.7.
    • Possibly test against public docker
  • Option - create 5.7 image to test upon

LexEVS 6.5.5?
  • Enhanced Meta loader
  • backlogged issues but no big project

EVS Exporter
  • When will this be up on-prem? 
  • Can we get a 508 scan on this once on Dev?
    • Ran scan on local but would like reality check
    • Some labeling issues reported, need reviewed

EVS Focus
New release of EVSRestAPI - new tag tomorrow.  Fixes for the ordering and completeness of returns

EVS Explorer
Resource shortage.

FTP site used by us and NCBIA? Kumar coordinating with other project

Action items

  • Tracy to check with Kumar about cbiit-download 
  • Tracy will reply to Cyrus and ask for Dev MySQL 
  • Corey to put in ticket requesting 5.7 Docker image