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Discussion items

Java 11
  • Table until we are required to act

Metrics dashboard
  • Returning/new users not a clear way to query for returning. SumoLogic will investigate
  • Meeting at 2PM
  • Domain issue - sumo has no good way to figure this out. Script needed to read logs, find IPs and do a reverse lookup. Then create a file that would be appended to with timestamp and domain. Would then create another collector to ingest that log.
  • Looked at for comparison
  • New version of dashboard that we have migrated towards, but not all features are implemented from the old.

  • FTP log query repair - testing on dev servers but progress slow
  • back files

  • Still not heard anything on Kumar's replacement
  • Mayo has job opening posted for Scott's replacement

EVS Explorer
  • EVS Explorer was down on Dev but working now
  • Does not have Apache, so has no Apache log
    • Should have Apache? Should pursue with TTruong

List of EVS URLS
Need to update List of EVS URLs for EVS Exporter.  

Rewrite of mapping tool
  • Lori requested a rewrite of Rob's compare tool.  
  • Possibly look at
  • Requirements sent through Lori
    • common misspellings
    • Some synonymy requirements (cancer = carcinoma)
    • Some configurations have already been done to elastic search along these lines

Action items

  • Corey to send list of URL to TSafran
  • Jason to ask about EVSExplorer Apache