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Discussion items

  • browser update
    • Browser, meta and termform use 1.x
  • evsrestapi v1
  • stardog being updated this afternoon
  • Report Exporter - spring boot pom file updated to use correct log4j. On QA
  • LexEVS, CTS2, URI Resolver use the v1x.  It doesn't have the current urgent issue but is not being maintained
    • sets up all the logging details. Uses a console appender and multiple types of logs. Is done differently in 2.x
    • import changes affect 60+ files.
    • Is in GUI, which is no longer used, so are just commenting it out for now.
    • CTS2 base framework needs to be updated, but does not look too complicated.
    • URI Resolver looks like possibly just a pom file change
  • Need QA and Appscans completed. They are doing rapid versions of app scans.
  • There is an elastic search on Stage but we think it has to do with evsrestapi V2. It can probably be shut down. 
  • AWS - using ElasticSearch but might be supported by them??  6.8.22?
  • Production patching on-prem tonight. Stage was last week.
    • Tracy will test tonight

Server migration
  • Dev - still waiting on Jenkins - ticket 2 weeks
  • CTS2 docs not on Dev yet

Metrics Dashboard
  • Sumo did some connecter patching for log4j but nothing for us to do.
  • Security response Dec 21 - Going back and forth with architecture. Will then be able to put connectors on Prod.
  • Once connectors on Prod will need to update queries. Will hopefully be able to copy and tweak current queries
  • Scott has been working on domain and users. Adding some additional info to make queries easier.

Chao introduced.

Corey off both Fridays.  Jason off Fri , Monday, Thurs and next Friday. Chao off Friday and maybe next Thursday. Tracy off both holidays, but will monitor.

Action items

  • Tracy test after Prod patching Dec 22