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Discussion items

  • LexEVS- required to update from 1.x
    • No firm dates on upgrade requirement
    • Will this need a full regression test? Likely will
    • Will this require a client change? Yes - so caDSR will need to update their jar.
  • Browsers
    • Have a tag on QA now being scanned with 2.17.1

Dev VM
  • Jenkins - pinged on ticket
  • cts2docs - ticket exists
  • Need to be aware of sync issues

Metrics dashboard
  • Connectors on Prod
    • EVS page - AWS
  • Tickets are in for other services
    • Report Exporter - AWS
    • LexEVS 65 - on prem prod
  • Does not produce Apache logs. The logs present don't give the level of information we need. In Sumo meetings there have been discussions to add these. Looking at setting up Apache proxies to generate logs. 
    • EVSExplorer
    • EVSRestAPI
  • Have ticket to push out domain resolution collector code to Prod. Working on Dev.

Value Sets

Adding extra /EVS to URL

  • Appears in valueset_report_config - 5 lines need to be corrected
  • Check raw data and ValueSet Report Generation program

Deborah Shapiro handling EVSAPI OWL file processing.  Had email thread about props_del.txt.  No need to change on-prem currently

Action items

  • Tracy to warn caDSR of client jar change.  Wait to hear from Scott for time estimate.
  • Chao fix valueset_report_config.txt
  • Tracy check ValueSet Generation app