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Remote API
  • Options to support browser development
    • Was unable to get a dataset to fit on his laptop
    • We will try to get it working
    • The APIs will still be the same
    • Option - JDBC to database and have indexes local
    • Option - Docker with preloaded data and indexes

LexEVS Spring status
  • Churning through methods in main LexEVS
    • Working on loaders right now, trying to get them performant
    • Ibatis/Mybatis migration difficult but Hibernate would be worse
  • Will need to do a similar activity with CTS2

VM Migration
No action recently 

Security testing
No official update, but seems to be over

EVSRestAPI data

Formats available for Stardog - OBO, OWL supported natively

Umls2RDF drops some qualifiers. Might need development

Metathesaurus loaded in the ElasticSearch, not into Stardog

Stage testing

Notice for termform was submitting to email address and confusing them. Could code around it but might be too much effort.

Mayo contract ends Aug 31

Lucene and ES

Lucene difficulties have to do with different searches when querying different levels of items. We search Entity differently than when we do it's properties

Amazon has an open source fork of ES called OpenSearch

The browsers have eliminated the lucene searching, not sure what types of searches the browser itself is using against LexEVS.  There is concern that lucene is insecure so a refactor may be needed soon.

Action items