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Discussion items


Spring 5
  • Spring 5 done for all but browser
  • NCIt Browser on Dev - issue with sorting on qualifiers
    • Lyubov, Lori and Liz agreed that we can drop sorting on rels.
    • Scott asked about scores.  They are all 1 for NCIt
    • There are different scores for RRF maps but no ability to sort in browser
    • Still need to fix code sort
    • Kim will need to reimplement work he has done on main branch
  • Code review complete, CTS2 released to QA
  • Summary written, to be shared by SB
    • Next major step is to see the Mayo final version on Dev

Remote API

How will Kim be able to test?

  • Suggested option is to create a static set of data for testing the browser
  • How would this set of data be delivered?
    • Docker?
    • Central database and package of indexes?
    • SQL file and related indexes?
  • How to keep data updated enough to be relevant?
  • If Kim will be doing Metabrowser then Scott may be able to work on this

Systems transition
  • New vendor in early January
    • Eric Gavua has taken over most of Tracy T's work

Report Exporter
  • Update to Vue3 continues
    • on Dev for testing
    • Still questions on duplicates? Need to look at queries being run

NCIm Browser
  • Kim has started testing
  • Kim says meta extensions need to be made compatible with Spring 5
  • Three lexevs extensions have been added to the main code base - need inspected
    • Have these been merged into the dev branch?
    • Do they address the issues Kim has found?

System migration
  • Stage - they might need hand holding

LexEVS code dependency
  • Need to turn into an plan in phases
    • Vulnerability updates on QA - passed
    • Other dependencies on dev
    • Some one offs, such as castor and ehcache

Java 8 migration

Retirement of LexEVS stack
  • Timeline security driven?
  • EVS Explore/Stardog stack ready to take over
    • Check the explore time to time to see the progress
    • Still supporting only RRF

Snomed hierarchy
  • Turned out to be a database space issue. 
  • Capacity added so issue fixed for now

EVS Explorer migration
  • Semantics URL to be applied. Still need Prod tier completed
  • Unknown if other applications will need migration

Action items