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The URI Resolver Service comes with a set of default configurations that can allow for easy setup. Customization for various database configurations and file systems is possible.


  • MySQL 5.6
  • Maven 3.3.x
  • Tomcat 8.5
  • Git 1.9.x
  • Java 1.7

Build Instructions

Clone the URI Resolver project using:

git clone

Change to the URI_Resolver directory:

cd URI_Resolver

Change to the appropriate version:

6.1 branch:

git checkout tags/qa_v0.0.1.rc8.05.2013


6.2 branch:

git checkout tags/v1.0.0.FINAL


6.3 branch:

git checkout tags/v1.0.0.FINAL


6.4 branch:

git checkout tags/v1.0.0.FINAL


6.5 branch:

git checkout tags/v1.1.0.FINAL


Build the application with Maven:

mvn clean install

This application can is built and run in Java 1.8.  The Java source and target values can be changed in the pom.xml file.

If the build is successful, the resulting war file will be in the target directory.

Default Installation

Default installations of the war file can be handled as detailed at Installing the URI Resolver Exit Disclaimer logo

Custom Installation Options


Custom database configurations are handled in the preceding link.

Properties File Path

Build Time Property File Path Instructions

Paths to property files are hard coded in the Beans.xml file located in the src/main/resource folder.

Users can replace all instances of the variable

#{ systemProperties['user.home']}

value with any custom file path desired, then build the Resolver as detailed at Installing the URI Resolver.

Deployment Time Property File Path Instructions

Otherwise, users can add a property to the Tomcat start up script such as 


 and do so at deployment time. 

This can be done by adding this value to the script in the Tomcat root/bin directory. If no such file exists, one can be created.


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