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LexEVS 4.2.1 Release Notes
January 30 2009

Release History



LexEVS 4.2.1

30 January 2009

LexEVS 4.2

05 November 2008

EVS API 4.1.1

08 August 2008


27 June 2008


07 November 2007

caCORE 3.2

22 December 2006

caCORE 3.1

27 March 2006


12 December 2006


18 October 2005


30 August 2005

caCORE 3.0.1

22 July 2005

caCORE 3.0

31 March 2005

caCORE 2.1

28 May 2004

caCORE 2.0.1

19 December 2003

caCORE 2.0

31 October 2003

caCORE 1.2

13 June 2003

caCORE 1.1

07 February 2003

caCORE 1.0

29 August 2002

New Features and Updates

Continues to provide legacy support for the caCORE 3.x EVS API.

NCI Thesaurus and MetaThesaurus Browsers
Continues to provide legacy support for the caCORE 3.2 EVS API.

The 4.2.1 release of LexEVS includes EVS API (based on the EVS 3.2 Object Model) with LexBIG v2.3.0 on the backend.  The EVS API suite includes the caCORE SDK generated interfaces as well as the Distributed LexBIG (DLB) API.  The 4.2.1 release also includes the LexEVS 4.2 Grid Service, which uses the DLB API to expose the underlying LexBIG interfaces.  

EVS:GF #17199 - Tag the API classes as deprecated.
Tag EVS API classes as deprecated.

Bugs Fixed Since Last Release

EVS:GF#17670 - DAO is throwing a ClassCastException when attempting access MedDRA
In the DAO layer, there is code that holds, as a Collection, the terminology name and the security token. This particular Collection is a HashMap and there is an attempt to pull data from this HashMap by position. Unfortunately, HashMaps don't guarantee order. So, the there is a ClassCastException being thrown. 

Known Issues

EVS:GF #15776 - DLBWrapper.getSupportedCodingSchemes returns null
The DLBWrapper.getSupportedCodingSchemes returns null if any of the codingSchemes in the repository require secure access.
Currently the first vocabulary that it attempts to access is NCI Metathesaurus, which is secured. Remains to be seen
if it will return anything if the secured vocab is not first.

EVS:GF #15817 - Inconsistancy in the application of codingScheme name in DLBAdapter.
In the DLBAdapter you can do a .setVocabulary() to set the default codingScheme, version and tag that some queries of
the DLBAdapter will run against. However, this default codingScheme is not consistantly applied.

  1. Some methods in DLBAdapter allow you to pass in a codingSchemeName. Of these, some use the passed in codingSchemeName
    with a null CodingSchemeVersionOrTag. Others use the passed in codingSchemeName plus the version or tag passed in as
    the default in .setVocabulary.
  2. Some methods with no parameters automatically use the defaults. Others don't.

Deferred/Deprecated Items

As the EVS Team looks toward the next major release of LexEVS (v5.0), we have begun to anticipate functionality that will naturally be absorbed by the LexBIG API. Those items have been classified as deprecated in our GForge tracking system. Additionally, those items that have not been evaluated has high priority items, have been deferred to the 5.0 release.These items/trackers can be viewed here.

CORE Product Dependencies

Refer to the CORE Product Dependency Matrix for the caCORE SDK and other software technologies on which this release of this product relies.

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