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Managing Graph Node Resolution Database Loads

The graphing database ArangoDb must be available to LexEVS (See the system requirements here).  It's configuration must also be created in the lbconfig.props.  Loading of graphs for multiple terminology versions is not available at this time.  Setting STRICT_ARANGO_REQUIREMENT=false allows LexEVS to start up without an ArangoDb configuration or installation.  Refer to ArangoDb documentation for setting any other variables.

Sample lbconfig props configuration







Load of LexEVS Graph Nodes To ArangoDb

Loads a set of graph edges and nodes derived from the associations of the target vocabulary

 -in URI of coding scheme source for target graphs
 -v  Version of terminology source from which to load graphs

Load Graphing Database
./ -in "" -v "18.05b"
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