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Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics from August 1-31, 2022 for the MedICI websitefor

Activities completed this month

  • MIDRC - Challenge1 planning is starting. We received the new data and are prepping the annotation app for receiving images. This is a COVID detection challenge and we are using chest X-RAYs. Further analysis is needed to determine the images we will use.
    • Lots of re-analysis is happening. There is concern that there is no “signal” in the images. Essentially the COVID (+) images have test results > 20days after the image was taken. This means we cannot be sure the images have COVID. We are filtering the images so that tests are between 1-20 days since the image was taken. We are doing a couple things:
      • Karen, Lubomir and Sam are going through the initial images to filter out poor quality images
      • They will take a second closer look at the images that they didn’t agree unanimously on.
      • Then Carol (an expert annotator) will go through the “best” images and further accept\reject them and point out what artifacts are in them.
    • CodaLab (Open Source Team):
      • We are in the process of getting a GPU VM setup to test GPU challenges.
      • There were issues with networking on the Paris-Saclay servers and since I don’t have access, I have to wait on them to deploy and fix. They are working on getting me VPN access. In the mean time, I will deploy some cpu\gpu workers charged to MedICI\Leidos in order to test if the code works as I have control to access\manage network settings in Azure.
      • There is a new challenge coming up and I intent to launch on our main server In addition I will create a codabench instance or use the one I already have live to simultaneously launch this challenge on codabench to see if it could be ready for future challenges.
    • Federated learning challenge:

      • The challenge is finished. We are collecting finalist algorithms and running them on MGH’s internal data to see how well they performed. We will discuss results soon. First we need to organize MGH data somewhat.
Planned for next month
  • Federated Learning Challenge:
    • Finalize runs on MGH data and check in with team for any retrospective.
  • CodaLab (Open Source Team):
    • Continue working on GPU submissions with the compute worker.
    • Help get automated tests to pass maybe…stretch goal honestly.
    • Check in any code changes as needed to fix issues found.
  • Discuss Milo Fryling’s request to run another challenge similar to ( Direct him to the google form (maybe not though. I don’t usually use it. I worry this is really just in the way and asks more questions than people really have answers to).
    • Jayashree is open now to running this on codabench at the same time as codalab.
  • Challenges Emily brought to the table (Meetings beginning in early Oct and they run roughly from Jan\Feb - May):
    • DGM-Image Statistics challenge: Deep Generative Modeling for Learning Medical Image Statistic
    • TACTIC: Understanding Time-Activity Curve and Time-Integrated Activity Variations in Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Challenge
  • MIDRC:
    • Data analysis needs to be done to identify cases we can use for challenge…ongoing.
    • Creating new iterations of annotation app to serve reviewers. I can elaborate if necessary but involves many new UI elements that end up as data points in the database.
Bi-weekly Meeting #1


Bi-weekly Meeting #2


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