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This is the home page for the Medical Imaging De-Identification Initiative (MIDI) Task Group.

MIDI Mission

The mission of MIDI is to document strategies and best practices in medical image de-ID for secondary sharing of imaging data with an emphasis on DICOM.

MIDI Task Group

The MIDI Task Group is chaired by David Clunie, M.B.B.S. The group first started meeting in July 2021 and met monthly until November 2022.

The group is charged with the following:

  • Issuing consensus-based guidelines on best practices in medical image de-identification for secondary sharing of imaging data with emphasis on DICOM
  • Making recommendations on criteria and resources for performance evaluation of image de-identification tools
  • Providing guidelines for image de-identification (de-ID) using automated vs. manual, cloud-based vs. local approaches, portability, interoperability, scalability
  • Recommending mitigation measures in case of privacy breach

MIDI Task Group Members

  • David Clunie, MBBS, PixelMed, Inc., Chair
  • Kathy Andriole, PhD, Mass General Brigham, Radiology
  • Brian Bialecki, ACR Data Science Institute
  • Brad Erickson, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Radiology
  • TJ Fitzgerald, MD, UMass, Radiation Oncology
  • Adam Flanders, MD, Thomas Jefferson University, Radiology
  • Luke Geneslaw, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Pathology
  • Judy Wawira Gichoya, MD, Emory University Radiology
  • David Gutman, MD, PhD, Emory University, Psychiatry, Digital Pathology
  • Justin Kirby, BS, Frederick National Lab
  • Steve Moore, Washington University, Radiology
  • John Perry, former RSNA contractor
  • Fred Prior, PhD, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Tony Seibert, PhD, UC Davis
  • Adam Taylor, Sage Bionetworks, Fluorescence microscopy
  • Wyatt Tellis, PhD, UCSF, Radiology
  • Ying Xiao, PhD, UPenn, Radiation Oncology

MIDI Steering Committee

The MIDI Steering Committee provides oversight to the MIDI TG, provides input on the alignment with CBIIT/NCI and other NIH IC interests in image de-ID, and considers related activities such as a workshop, a challenge, or engagement of stakeholders. So far, the MIDI Steering Committee has met once, in July 2021.

MIDI Steering Committee Members

  • Keyvan Farahani (NCI)
  • Debra Babcock (NINDS)
  • Valerie Cotton (NICHD)
  • Kerry Goetz (NEI)
  • John Hsiao (NIA)
  • Kris Kandarpa (NIBIB)
  • James Luo (NHLBI)
  • Alex Rosenthal (NIAID)
  • Ben Xu (NIAAA)