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Product: NBIA Data Retriever
Server Version: NBIA 7.1 GA, NBIA 7.4 TCIA, NBIA 7.5 TCIA
NBIA Data Retriever Version: 3.6
Date: April 2020

Introduction to NBIA Data Retriever 3.6

In this release, the file naming system used by the NBIA Data Retriever has been revised to provide a more natural ordering of the files within each series. This has been accomplished by first ordering the DICOM files by ordinal position of acquisition number and then by ordinal position of instance number. The files are then assigned numbers with the lowest acquisition being 1 and the lowest instance number within that acquisition being 1, separated by a dash. The numbers are incremented by 1 as the next values are encountered. All values are left-padded with zeros to provide for the ordering within the file system.  As an example, a series with 2 acquisition numbers with each acquisition having 42 instance numbers would start with 1-01.dcm for the lowest acquisition number and the lowest instance number in that acquisition. The last file in that acquisition would be 1-42.dcm. Then the second acquisition would start with 2-01.dcm, ending with 2-42.dcm, in that acquisition. For the purposes of ordering, an empty value in either acquisition number or instance number is lower than a file having a value for those numbers.

Features Addressed in This Release

  • NBIA-1338 Instance numbers in downloader ordering
  • NBIA-1392 NBIA Data Retriever 3.6
  • NBIA-1419 .dcm missing from files downloaded from old version of server

Known Issues/Defects


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