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Product: NBIA Data Retriever
Server Version: NBIA 7.0 GA, NBIA 7.2 TCIA, NBIA 7.3 TCIA
Retriever Version: 4.0
Date: February 2021

Introduction to NBIA Data Retriever 4.0

In this release, Download Manager window adds an "overall progress" bar at the top (above the Series UID list) that calculates how much further the download has to go in total. A metadata file is created for each download and a license file is generated in the directory for a collection. This release also includes several bug fixes. See the list below and What's New in NBIA Data Retriever 4.0.

Features Addressed in This Release

  • NBIA-1600 Number of Series Limitation for Private collection
  • NBIA-1594 ACRIN-Contralateral-Breast-MR download issues
  • NBIA-1562 Remove file size checking feature in the NBIA Data Retriever 4.0
  • NBIA-1552 Spreadsheets for downloader and cart should include the DOI
  • NBIA-1483 Data retriever - Error handling for missing files
  • NBIA-1431 Data Licensing : Data Retriever Update
  • NBIA-1411 Single slash in series description breaks retriever
  • NBIA-1410 Create overall progress bar for the retriever
  • NBIA-1375 Modify NBIA data retriever to include table with metadata

Known Issues/Defects


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