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Product: NBIA Data Retriever
Server Version: NBIA 7.8 TCIA
Retriever Version: 4.1
Date: July 2021

Introduction to NBIA Data Retriever 4.1

In this release, a resume downloading feature is added for the situation that the app must be closed and restarted. A command-line interface was added to the app for Linux systems. Amazon-Corretto 8 now replaces Oracle Java 8 as the embedded Java runtime environment. The app now warns if commercial restrictions apply on data to be downloaded. It also shows the data usage agreement and retrieves the user’s consensus before letting the user proceed to download. This release also includes several bug fixes. See the list below and What's New in NBIA Data Retriever 4.1.

Features Addressed in This Release


Metadata for 4D-Lung is not generated by Downloading with Data Retriever CLI


Java Runtime Environment in NBIA Data Retriever


NBIA Data Retriever Needs to Ignore Invisible Characters at the end of Manifest File


Double header in metadata file


Series description consisting of a single slash / causes exception


Data Usage Notification in NBIA Data Retriever


On Rare Occasion, Data Retriever Create Two Headers in Metadata File


Adding a phrase to the data retriever to warn if commercial restrictions apply


Restart / Resume Data Retriever


REST API Facade for Download Servlet

Known Issues/Defects


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