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Product: NBIA Data Retriever
Server Version: NBIA 8.0 TCIA
Retriever Version: 4.3
Date: April 6, 2021

Introduction to NBIA Data Retriever 4.3

In this release, an option was added to the File menu, Checksum Verification, to verify the integrity of the downloaded files using MD5 checksum. The build and embedded Java runtime environments were switched to Amazon Corretto 8. This release also includes several bug fixes. See the list below and What's New in NBIA Data Retriever 4.2.

Features Addressed in This Release

NBIA-1775Force Data Retriever upgrade on a minimum version or unknown version
NBIA-1754Add Resume Downloading Feature to CLI
NBIA-1740Record the call from Data Retriever CLI in the download history

Known Issues/Defects


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