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Product: NBIA
Server Version: 7.01 TCIA
Retriever Version: 3.3
Date: March 2019

Features Addressed in This Release

[NBIA-1177] Sync from Data Retriever

Defects since Client 1.0.33 Addressed in This Release


Known Issues/Defects

[NBIA-1213] NBIA Client 1.0.44 version suffix is sometimes missing.
[NBIA-1212] Upgrade CTP
[NBIA-1210] Text Search returns no results when fresh images with new Modality has been submitted.
[NBIA-1209] NBIA Client @ TCIA
[NBIA-1208] NBIA Client 1.0.43 - Fix capitalization of acronyms on menus
[NBIA-1207] Make Data Retriever able to control annotations
[NBIA-1199] NBIA Client @ TCIA - Add search field for species
[NBIA-1198] Support Phantom Collections
[NBIA-1185] SiteMap: About Us link leads to a nonexistent page.
[NBIA-1184] SiteMap: Simple Search link navigates to Simple Search page with no available collections.
[NBIA-1183] API to Control Visibility
[NBIA-1182] Field for phantom and search for phantom data
[NBIA-1180] Link listing of DICOM elements in DICOM part 6 (table) to help page
[NBIA-1178] Add species to database adapter code
[NBIA-1176] Submit Images Directly from POSDA
[NBIA-1171] Create a Check Permission App for Manifest Files Containing Restricted Collections
[NBIA-1170] NBIA Client build 1.0.37: Add explanation to text search documentation
[NBIA-1169] [NBIA-Client / API - Download collection button on TCIA wiki
[NBIA-1168] (Re)implement Select All cart button
[NBIA-1167] Retrieve Text Search results only one page at a time.
[NBIA-1165] NBIA Client build 1.0.36: select all option on text search
[NBIA-1156] Chrome: When selecting Contact Us or clicking on link, using Outlook as the default mailto client, the user is no longer able to navigate to certain portal pages.
[NBIA-1154] Remove old saved query processing
[NBIA-1153] Change text on My Data Basket page in legacy NBIA application
[NBIA-1152] External Users Login in NBIA CBIIT Instance.
[NBIA-1144] NBIA Client 1.0.33: Having a high number of Studies in the Cart, Sorting does not get resolved for Series Description
[NBIA-1143] NBIA Client Search 1.0.33: Information on Cart Tab is not consistent with what is being displayed on the Search Results Tab
[NBIA-1141] Make Banner HTML Capable
[NBIA-1140] NBIA Client 1.0.32: Incorrect Sorting when clicking on Total Studies and Total Series Column Header
[NBIA-1139] Support Enhanced MR images
[NBIA-1138] External Solr server
[NBIA-1137] Support "version" releases of collections
[NBIA-1133] NBIA Client 1.0.35: Export metadata CSV changes
[NBIA-1131] NCI CBIIT Application Support Email Change on NBIA of CBIIT Instance
[NBIA-1130] Add context-sensitive help to NBIA Client
[NBIA-1128] NBIA 1.0.28: Word wrap is needed when Share My Query is selected
[NBIA-1125] NBIA Client 1.0.28: Intermittent: Number of series information is not showing up beside the Cart Icon.
[NBIA-1123] NBIA Client 1.0.26: cart page fails to load data
[NBIA-1122] NBIA Client 1.0.26: logging in resets query
[NBIA-1121] NBIA Client 1.0.28: When adding a large number of items to the Cart, the request does not complete and the page eventually blanks out
[NBIA-1118] NBIA Client 1.0.26 at TCIA - Data basket page changes
[NBIA-1115] NBIA Client 1.0.26 at TCIA - beta site computer resource utilization through the roof
[NBIA-1108] Registration Page
[NBIA-1107] Deployment at NCI
[NBIA-1106] Collection list behavior
[NBIA-1102] Add API endpoint that generates a CSV export of DICOM metadata
[NBIA-1101] Update application support email
[NBIA-1099] Advanced Search: Several Image Search Criteria results in a page time out.
[NBIA-1098] Update CTP
[NBIA-1097] Sandboxing the downloader app
[NBIA-1096] NBIA User's Guide will have URL that will persist between releases.
[NBIA-1095] Installation: DB Update: Script needed to detect current file location and update the database changelog table
[NBIA-1093] Add Google Analytics to new GUI, and wherever else needed
[NBIA-1090] Need the Capability for Creating Login Accounts for External Users in CBIIT Instance
[NBIA-1087] Clean up shared list
[NBIA-1085] Advance Search Statistics
[NBIA-1084] Clean up the saved query functionality
[NBIA-1081] OHIF Viewer
[NBIA-1080] Support for species other than human
[NBIA-1078] Change the default setting for NO_ZERO_DATE SQL mode in MySQL/MariaDB
[NBIA-1076] NBIA Community Version: Release number on footer needs to be updated to "NBIA Release Build"
[NBIA-1072] NCI Banner Logo in each Viewer page is not rendering.
[NBIA-1067] Google Chrome: Workflow Item: When having multiple Workflow Items, selecting to Edit a workflow would bring up the wrong workflow item to edit.
[NBIA-1063] Thumbnails are not available for certain modalities
[NBIA-1062] How will the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) affect NBIA?
[NBIA-1060] Diagnosis Year Displays in Hex
[NBIA-1059] The version info on the footer of NBIA home page should be changed at build time.
[NBIA-1051] Extend Download Manager Planning
[NBIA-1049] Users Building their own installation package with a self-signing certificate would not be able to download from secured imaging archives.
[NBIA-1046] Branding should be performed at installation time.
[NBIA-1043] Incorrect Release Version is shown on Portal Home Page: Value for is not being picked up
[NBIA-1042] Automated Host Naming
[NBIA-1034] Need a more descriptive collection name
[NBIA-1033] Fail to Put Half of All Public Collections in TCIA to Data Basket
[NBIA-1026] allow admins to collection and site associations from QC tool
[NBIA-1017] Language support
[NBIA-1010] The needs for administrators to maintain challenges
[NBIA-1009] Publishing a Collection
[NBIA-998] Support for PDX mouse images
[NBIA-996] Ensure 508 compliance under the revised 508 standard
[NBIA-988] Sort order in NBIA dropdowns for QC
[NBIA-981] Keep browser alive through long-running queries
[NBIA-974] API Gateway
[NBIA-965] Data Retriever: Implement download directory path validation when entered
[NBIA-945] QC GUI upper limit on series
[NBIA-940] User Authorization Tool: End User is allowed to add an empty protection group with no access role for a user
[NBIA-593] Add login history information to the database

See JIRA for the latest use cases (implemented and deferred), existing open defects, community requests, resolutions and feature requests.

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