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Product:  NBIA 
Version:  NBIA at TCIA 7.7 
Client Version: 1.0.72
NBIA Retriever Version: 4.0
Data Admin Version: 1.08
User Admin Version: 2.3
Release Date: February 2021

Features Addressed in This Release

[NBIA-1549] API for updating DOIs for collections
[NBIA-1548] Make facade for WADO API that does not require token
[NBIA-1547] Ensure submission API accepts a DOI on non-third party series
[NBIA-1546] API to clear the resultset cache
[NBIA-1544] An API that takes a SOPInstanceIUD and returns the MD5 hash
[NBIA-1543] Netsparker fix: Update Tomcat to 7.105
[NBIA-1542] OHIF links on subject level and study level
[NBIA-1526] Submission API updated for clinical timepoints
[NBIA-1525] Use Creative Commons Icon in cart page
[NBIA-1523] "Add ""Check All/Uncheck All"" to QC"
[NBIA-1522] Turn off all License features from configuration file
[NBIA-1521] Add COVID-19 entry to top menu
[NBIA-1519] Improve Study Date in Export
[NBIA-1518] Update top menu
[NBIA-1504] Data Admin: Automatically go to next series on update
[NBIA-1500] Data Admin: Most Recent Submission feature does not seem to screen for the dates in the From:/To: boxes
[NBIA-1484] Sorting of Anatomical Site list
[NBIA-1478] API to get updated series with MD5 hash
[NBIA-1476] Data Admin: Collection description page
[NBIA-1461] Update Clinical Trials information
[NBIA-1431] Data Licensing : Data Retriever Update
[NBIA-1430] Data Licensing : Update databases / existing collections
[NBIA-1429] Data Licensing : Create screen to add/update licenses
[NBIA-1428] Data Licensing: Update collection description
[NBIA-1427] Data Licensing API work
[NBIA-1426] Data Licensing : Database work
[NBIA-1424] Data licensing - update search client
[NBIA-1423] Add data licensing support to NBIA API and Database
[NBIA-1422] Improve search by clinical trial time points Client
[NBIA-1421] Improve search by clinical trial time points API
[NBIA-1410] Create overall progress bar for the retriever
[NBIA-1399] add data licensing support to NBIA
[NBIA-1394] Create file detailing files in a series and create attachment to that series
[NBIA-1375] Modify NBIA data retriever to include table with metadata
[NBIA-1298] NBIA Client Update Bootstrap
[NBIA-431] Need more information after user approve deletions

Defects Since 7.6 at TCIA Addressed in This Release

[NBIA-1545] Netsparker fix: reported session cookie not marked as secure
[NBIA-1540] Perform Quality Control: QC Status History Report not capturing new value for Released and Confirmed as Complete
[NBIA-1539] "Clinical Time Points: When using Share my Query, the from value is missing when launching the copied query URL in the new browser window"
[NBIA-1538] Perform Quality Control: Released and Confirmed as Complete filter returns incorrect results.
[NBIA-1537] Approve Deletions: Confirmed as Complete and Most Recent Submission filters are not being implemented
[NBIA-1536] "NBIA Client: When selecting Clear button, the Collection subject counts are not being refreshed."
[NBIA-1534] "Trial Time Point: When selecting a Collection with no time point data, the trial time point filter is not being deactivated and the filter selection description bar still lists the filter"
[NBIA-1533] "Trial Time Point: When entering From and To Values, the event number range for the results is inaccurate"
[NBIA-1532] Edit Collection License: Unable to Add\Edit a License when the Percent (%) character is used in the Long and Short Name Field
[NBIA-1531] Edit Collection License: Unable to Add a new License with Short Name exceeding 50 characters
[NBIA-1530] Add/Edit License: Having license Long Name or Short Name exceeding 53 characters will extend beyond the Delete License box popup frame
[NBIA-1529] Data Admin: Edit Collection Descriptions: Editing a Collection Description or selecting a new License does not get Saved when Clicking on the Save button
[NBIA-1528] UAT: Word wrap needed for the Login Name and Email column on the User Tab
[NBIA-1527] "Edit Collection Descriptions, Approve Deletions, Perform Quality Control: List of Collections is missing"
[NBIA-1524] Any/All does not update search if there where URL parameters
[NBIA-1520] Github Alerts
[NBIA-1508] "Perform QC: When in Cine Mode for a study, the top Column Header Bar extends beyond the Cine Mode popup window"
[NBIA-1507] Perform QC: Unable to Exit out of Cine Mode once the top drag bar is moved out of browser's visible window
[NBIA-1411] Single slash in series description breaks retriever
[NBIA-1144] "NBIA Client 1.0.33: Having a high number of Studies in the Cart, Sorting does not get resolved for Series Description"

Known Issues/Defects

[NBIA-1567] "Add default user, password, and secret to configuration files."
[NBIA-1566] POSDA tracking into NBIA
[NBIA-1564] Create script for help desk
[NBIA-1561] Provide installation and developer documentation on GitHub
[NBIA-1559] Netsparker (Low): Cookie Not Marked as Secure
[NBIA-1558] Netsparker (Low): Cookie Not Marked as HttpOnly
[NBIA-1557] Netsparker (Low): Version Disclosure (Tomcat)
[NBIA-1556] Netsparker (Low): Version Disclosure (Nginx)
[NBIA-1555] Netsparker (Low): [Possible] Internal IP Address Disclosure
[NBIA-1554] Netsparker: Out-of-date Version (Bootstrap)
[NBIA-1552] Spreadsheets for downloader and cart should include the DOI
[NBIA-1551] Point NBIA Adopters to GitHub
[NBIA-1550] Update the site used for downloading the Data Retriever
[NBIA-1542] OHIF links on subject level and study level
[NBIA-1535] Submission API flag for overwriting values
[NBIA-1516] Adding a phrase to the data retriever to warn if commercial restrictions apply
[NBIA-1515] Collections are not Listed on the Perform QC and Approve Deletions page due to certain sequences of special characters present in the collection_descriptions table's collection_name column
[NBIA-1514] TCIA menus for UAT
[NBIA-1513] Restart / Resume Data Retriever
[NBIA-1512] API for additional Data Admin Search
[NBIA-1510] Gateway Time-Out error when more than 5000 series are added to Cart.
[NBIA-1506] A New Download API Using New Naming Scheme
[NBIA-1501] Data Admin: Cine mode to be moved outside of the browser window
[NBIA-1499] Data Admin: Static columns make for a wide screen
[NBIA-1496] "Data Admin: When selecting any of the drop down menu item, the subsequent pages have Access The Data menu that is not consistent with the main NBIA Client's"
[NBIA-1492] Data Admin: Perform QC: Column Headers Not Aligned
[NBIA-1489] Assign PE to PG in PE Tab
[NBIA-1488] Show Association with PG in PE Tab
[NBIA-1487] Better Handle of Session Expire Notice
[NBIA-1486] Independent Login Feature for UAT
[NBIA-1483] Data retriever - Error handling for missing files
[NBIA-1480] Columns should be resizable for Data Admin
[NBIA-1479] Clicking image in thumbnails does not open dicom view on windows
[NBIA-1477] bittorrent style download option for Data Retriever
[NBIA-1475] Data Admin: Additional search options
[NBIA-1474] Data Admin: Improve view
[NBIA-1469] Data Admin: Would like choice between viewing in “pages” format or the whole collection.
[NBIA-1461] Update Clinical Trials information
[NBIA-1460] REST API Facade for Download Servlet
[NBIA-1459] Add Sample Code to Wiki for Using REST APIs
[NBIA-1458] MD5 Digest for Verifying Downloads
[NBIA-1457] Do not show the OHIF viewer icon on restricted collections
[NBIA-1456] Update Bootstrap to the latest version
[NBIA-1444] Consistent naming of NBIA modules - [NBIA-user-admin
[NBIA-1443] Consistent naming of NBIA modules - [NBIA-data-admin
[NBIA-1433] Seeing the protection groups from the Protection Element tab
[NBIA-1430] Data Licensing : Update databases / existing collections
[NBIA-1420] Semi-dynamic search
[NBIA-1416] Fix color of Save button in Protection Element Details dialog box
[NBIA-1415] Cart icon turning green before subject has been added to the cart
[NBIA-1414] NBIA Client build 1.0.62TCIA: basket slow to load with no feedback to user
[NBIA-1413] Add Confirmation Step to Delete User Group
[NBIA-1390] Review CTP Submission Code for Memory Leaks
[NBIA-1387] API Submission of Annotation Files
[NBIA-1385] "NBIA Search Client 1.0.66: When there are no public collection, launching the Search Client produces SQLGrammarException error"
[NBIA-1383] Add Download from Search results.
[NBIA-1382] Test if submission would work with round-robin
[NBIA-1381] Add Build Tag to the Footer of the Web Page for Each GUI Component
[NBIA-1380] Implement the new TCIA GUI
[NBIA-1376] Back populate the URI field in the NBIA database with the primary DOI for regular collections
[NBIA-1374] "QC tool - create tool for adding, updating, and deleting DOIs"
[NBIA-1372] Search results are getting truncated
[NBIA-1366] TH-45183 NBIA retriever behind a proxy
[NBIA-1347] Improve Body Part Examined
[NBIA-1337] Merge the Git Repositories for CBIIT/[NBIA-TCIA and CBIIT/national-biomedical-image-archive
[NBIA-1333] Dockerization of NBIA Implementation
[NBIA-1328] Remove CSM API
[NBIA-1325] VM for Community Version
[NBIA-1322] NBIA Search Client: Browser Sign In Popup Does not Authenticate
[NBIA-1320] Including sample test images in the installation package.
[NBIA-1319] Make Default Admin User Name for NBIA Configurable
[NBIA-1306] Prepare to Integrate Object Store
[NBIA-1304] Text Search Should Resolve to Series Level
[NBIA-1303] Text Search and Regular Search Should be able to be Combined
[NBIA-1302] Performance Issues
[NBIA-1301] Change nbiadevtest to User Name in LDAP
[NBIA-1300] Document adding a guest account in installation
[NBIA-1297] Handle Installation with Database Replication
[NBIA-1296] Handle No Guests Scenario NBIA Client
[NBIA-1293] NBIA Client Update Angular compiler
[NBIA-1292] Issues with
[NBIA-1289] "Update NBIA REST API Guide, Working Version"
[NBIA-1278] NBIA Client & Server Combine Simple Search & Text Search
[NBIA-1257] NBIA classic - update link to DICOM viewers and verify link to user's guide
[NBIA-1254] Sunset Date for NBIA Data Retriever on Windows 7
[NBIA-1248] Java 11
[NBIA-1233] add better error handling for restricted collection manifests
[NBIA-1188] Save Query: Top Parent Node for all Manufacturing Model is not checked after Saving a Query and editing it.
[NBIA-1187] "Save Query: When selecting a Baseline Plus value, the Subject ID's entered is not saved in the Save Query"
[NBIA-1185] SiteMap: About Us link leads to nonexistent page.
[NBIA-1184] SiteMap: Simpe Search link navigates to Simple Search page with no available collections.
[NBIA-1168] (Re)implement Select All cart button
[NBIA-1167] Retrieve Text Search results only one page at a time.
[NBIA-1152] External Users Login in NBIA CBIIT Instance.
[NBIA-1149] NBIA Client 1.0.35: Free text search result issue
[NBIA-1141] Make Banner HTML Capable
[NBIA-1139] Support Enhanced Images
[NBIA-1138] External Solr server
[NBIA-1137] "Support ""version"" releases of collections"
[NBIA-1123] NBIA Client 1.0.26: cart page fails to load data
[NBIA-1095] Installation: DB Update: Script needed to detect current file location and update the database changelog table
[NBIA-1067] "Google Chrome:Workflow Item: When having multiple Workflow Items, selecting to Edit a workflow would bring up the wrong workflow item to edit."
[NBIA-1062] How will the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) affect NBIA?
[NBIA-1051] Extend Download Manager Planning
[NBIA-1046] Branding should be performed at installation time.
[NBIA-1043] Incorrect Release Version shown on Portal Home Page: Value for is not being picked up
[NBIA-1026] allow admins to collection and site associations from qc tool
[NBIA-1017] Language support
[NBIA-996] Ensure 508 compliance under the revised 508 standard
[NBIA-988] Sort order in NBIA dropdowns for QC
[NBIA-945] QC GUI upper limit on series
[NBIA-933] prevent computer from sleeping while download manager is open
[NBIA-857] Expanded the Capability of Thumbnail Viewer to Handle Multi-frame Objects for All Modalities
[NBIA-816] file names don't match slice numbers in DICOM header
[NBIA-802] Documentation: NBIA REST API User's Guide
[NBIA-790] "Solr indexing should restart on the failed patient, rather than go back to the beginning when a failure occurs."
[NBIA-747] "Workflow: Check needed to be implemented to ensure a new Collection has an associated Site."
[NBIA-690] Perform QC: Select all box does not get refreshed when changing to another page
[NBIA-390] create collection subscription feature
[NBIA-323] "Investigate submission of Image Type -- DICOM [0008,0008]"
[NBIA-223] Correctly store tag [00080008] in NBIA

See JIRA for the latest use cases (implemented and deferred), existing open defects, community requests, resolutions and feature requests.

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