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Product:  NBIA 
Version:  NBIA at TCIA 7.9 
Client Version: 1.0.73
NBIA Retriever Version: 4.2
Data Admin Version: 1.0.9
User Admin Version: 2.3
Release Date: September 2021

Features Addressed in This Release

[NBIA-1746] Create header menu item: About Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNCLR)
[NBIA-1745] Specify NBIA Server as a Solr indexer
[NBIA-1743] Create Solr Cloud implementation
[NBIA-1742] Update Solr to Latest Version
[NBIA-1720] Need a new popup calendar
[NBIA-1717] Upgrade to OpenJDK
[NBIA-1650] Upgrade Tomcat to 9.X
[NBIA-1632] Update intro screen - content
[NBIA-1612] Document APIs in Swagger
[NBIA-1459] Add Sample Code to Wiki for Using REST APIs
[NBIA-1458] MD5 Digest for Verifying Downloads
[NBIA-1402] NBIA data retriever -provide consistency check
[NBIA-1302] Performance Issues
[NBIA-1138] External Solr server

Defects Since 7.8 at TCIA Addressed in This Release

[NBIA-1761] "Most Recent Submission: When selecting a ""To Date"" beyond the current date, clicking Apply causes the To Date to show up on the search bar as ""NaN/undefined/undefined"""
[NBIA-1750] "Perform QC (Chrome & Firefox): Most Recent Submission: Missing Calendar Button Graphics, Date Appears Outside of To Date Box, Apply Button Cut Off"
[NBIA-1738] Data Admin - Collection Descriptions - Saving licenses.
[NBIA-1737] Data Retriever: Metadata.csv: All special characters except for period are stripped from data listed under the Data Description URI Column
[NBIA-1703] Sorting is not being implemented on the Submission Date and Subject ID column on the Approve Deletions and Perform QC Page
[NBIA-1592] Detect duplicate series on image submission
[NBIA-1559] Netsparker (Low): Cookie Not Marked as Secure
[NBIA-1558] Netsparker (Low): Cookie Not Marked as HttpOnly
[NBIA-1557] Netsparker (Low): Version Disclosure (Tomcat)
[NBIA-1556] Netsparker (Low): Version Disclosure (Nginx)

Known Issues/Defects

[NBIA-1772] Resolve issues with DICOM files
[NBIA-1770] Test if Amazon Corretto works with CSM
[NBIA-1767] Data Synchronizing using Data Retriever
[NBIA-1766] Netsparker (Low): Missing X-Frame-Options Header
[NBIA-1765] Netsparker (Low): Missing Content-Type Header
[NBIA-1764] Tasks for shutdown of the legacy app
[NBIA-1763] Move chron to API war
[NBIA-1762] The Truncation of Collection Names in QC Tool Makes TWO Difference Collections Identical
[NBIA-1760] Deploy NBIA 7.8 to ARIES
[NBIA-1759] Adding a new parameter to configuration file on [NBIA-search to turn on/off closing alert
[NBIA-1758] API to get manifest from collection
[NBIA-1756] Counter for selected anatomical site shows zero after being selected
[NBIA-1755] Liquibase Script Does Not work on MariaDB 10.2 And Later
[NBIA-1754] Add Resume Downloading Feature to CLI
[NBIA-1753] NBIA Client: Simple Search: Clinical Time Points has overlapping buttons
[NBIA-1752] Cart: Large Volume in Cart cart causes error 505 (Gateway Time-Out) - Cart page is empty
[NBIA-1751] [IDC] Maintain hierarchical hashes in the DB
[NBIA-1748] Add Menu item
[NBIA-1747] Fix the header link
[NBIA-1744] Tracking of Downloads by IP address
[NBIA-1740] Record the call from Data Retriever CLI in the download history
[NBIA-1739] "Labels for ""New Status"" options need to always come from the server"
[NBIA-1736] Data Admin - Collection Description - set the default license to be the CC 4.0 International license
[NBIA-1735] Netsparker: NBIA Search Client: [Possible] Internal IP Address Disclosure
[NBIA-1734] Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal: Version Disclosure (Tomcat)
[NBIA-1733] Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal: Version Disclosure (Nginx)
[NBIA-1732] Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal: Missing X-Frame-Options Header
[NBIA-1731] Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal: Missing Content-Type Header
[NBIA-1730] Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal: Internal Server Error
[NBIA-1729] Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal: Cookie Not Marked as Secure
[NBIA-1728] Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal: Cookie Not Marked as HttpOnly
[NBIA-1727] Netsparker: Classic Portal: Autocomplete is Enabled
[NBIA-1726] Netsparker: Classic Portal: [Possible] Phishing by Navigating Browser Tabs
[NBIA-1725] Netsparker: Classic Portal: [Possible] Cross-site Request Forgery
[NBIA-1724] Document limit of series in QC Tool
[NBIA-1723] NBA Client 1.0.73: Clinical Time Points: Refresh button and Online help button overlaps.
[NBIA-1721] "LOE for upgrades of Angular, Typescript, and the effected modules"
[NBIA-1719] Migrate to Angular 12(+)
[NBIA-1718] Perform QC: Search selection indicator bar does not accurately indicate\match backend query being sent to the server
[NBIA-1710] [IDC] getCollectionValuesAndCounts collection name changed?
[NBIA-1701] Simple Search: Sorting not being implemented on Total Studies and Total Series Column
[NBIA-1700] "Calendar: After typing in From to Date range, user is unable to select any other date from the pop-up calendar."
[NBIA-1699] "Use the released date log entry as ""Date released"" in the client"
[NBIA-1697] Problems with large saved queries
[NBIA-1696] Update UAT documentation on NBIA
[NBIA-1695] Problems with Search Button
[NBIA-1694] Perform QA When using both Patient ID and Subject ID filters together: Internal Server Error (500)
[NBIA-1693] "Perform QC: Use of AND is not being implemented in Modality, Manufacturer filters"
[NBIA-1691] Use logging to log downloads instead of database
[NBIA-1682] Data Retriever 4.1: Update needed for help desk url
[NBIA-1681] Reorder Fixed Dynamic Search Filters (see comments)
[NBIA-1675] Login window shows up when starting NBIA @ TCIA
[NBIA-1674] NBIA Client: Series Count mismatch between Cart\Export Spreadsheet with Downloaded Manifest File
[NBIA-1659] NBIA Client: Notable delay before default search filters appear on the Perform Quality Control page
[NBIA-1652] TCIA needs an internal API guide for submission and QC APIs
[NBIA-1624] Find and update Eric Kasic's build guide
[NBIA-1613] Harmonize the OAuth framework to Keycloak as desired by TCIA
[NBIA-1591] Support for MIDI de-identification validation
[NBIA-1583] [IDC] API to get TCIA data collection metadata
[NBIA-1576] Make API for submitting annotation files
[NBIA-1570] Add DOI links for Collections
[NBIA-1569] Add DOI create/Edit to [NBIA-admin
[NBIA-1555] Netsparker (Low): [Possible] Internal IP Address Disclosure
[NBIA-1541] "Perform Quality Control: QC Status History: Submission-Status: Space needed in ""NotComplete"" status"
[NBIA-1515] Collections are not Listed on the Perform QC and Approve Deletions page due to certain sequences of special characters present in the collection_descriptions table's collection_name column
[NBIA-1514] TCIA menus for UAT
[NBIA-1492] Data Admin: Perform QC: Column Headers Not Aligned
[NBIA-1487] Better Handle of Session Expire Notice
[NBIA-1486] Independent Login Feature for UAT
[NBIA-1479] Clicking image in thumbnails does not open dicom view on windows
[NBIA-1477] bittorrent style download option for Data Retriever
[NBIA-1457] Do not show the OHIF viewer icon on restricted collections
[NBIA-1420] Semi-dynamic search for NBIA Search Client
[NBIA-1389] Profile the TCIA System for Bottlenecks and Memory Leaks
[NBIA-1387] API Submission of Annotation Files
[NBIA-1383] Add Download from Search results.
[NBIA-1382] Test if submission would work with round-robin
[NBIA-1381] Add Build Tag to the Footer of the Web Page for Each GUI Component
[NBIA-1366] TH-45183 NBIA retriever behind a proxy
[NBIA-1361] Required fields for submission
[NBIA-1333] Dockerization of NBIA Implementation
[NBIA-1328] Remove CSM API
[NBIA-1322] NBIA Search Client: Browser Sign In Popup Does not Authenticate
[NBIA-1305] Prepare to Integrate with Keycloak
[NBIA-1304] "Investigate approach, LOE, and performance for text search returning results to Series Level"
[NBIA-1301] Change nbiadevtest to User Name in LDAP
[NBIA-1300] Document adding a guest account in installation
[NBIA-1297] Handle Installation with Database Replication
[NBIA-1296] Handle No Guests Scenario NBIA Client
[NBIA-1293] NBIA Client Update Angular compiler
[NBIA-1278] NBIA Client & Server Combine Simple Search & Text Search
[NBIA-1269] NBIA Client 1.0.55 logging in does not always update query criteria lists
[NBIA-1257] NBIA classic - update link to DICOM viewers and verify link to user's guide
[NBIA-1233] add better error handling for restricted collection manifests
[NBIA-1188] Save Query: Top Parent Node for all Manufacturing Model is not checked after Saving a Query and editing it.
[NBIA-1187] "Save Query: When selecting a Baseline Plus value, the Subject ID's entered is not saved in the Save Query"
[NBIA-1185] SiteMap: About Us link leads to nonexistent page.
[NBIA-1184] SiteMap: Simpe Search link navigates to Simple Search page with no available collections.
[NBIA-1167] Retrieve Text Search results only one page at a time.
[NBIA-1165] NBIA Client build 1.0.36: select all option on text search
[NBIA-1152] External Users Login in NBIA CBIIT Instance.
[NBIA-1149] NBIA Client 1.0.35: Free text search result issue
[NBIA-1141] Make Banner HTML Capable
[NBIA-1140] NBIA Client 1.0.32: Incorrect Sorting when clicking on Total Studies and Total Series Column Header
[NBIA-1137] "Support ""version"" releases of collections"
[NBIA-1067] "Google Chrome:Workflow Item: When having multiple Workflow Items, selecting to Edit a workflow would bring up the wrong workflow item to edit."
[NBIA-1062] How will the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) affect NBIA?
[NBIA-1051] Extend Download Manager Planning
[NBIA-1046] Branding should be performed at installation time.
[NBIA-1043] Incorrect Release Version shown on Portal Home Page: Value for is not being picked up
[NBIA-1026] allow admins to collection and site associations from qc tool
[NBIA-1017] Language support
[NBIA-933] prevent computer from sleeping while download manager is open
[NBIA-857] Expanded the Capability of Thumbnail Viewer to Handle Multi-frame Objects for All Modalities
[NBIA-816] file names don't match slice numbers in DICOM header
[NBIA-790] "Solr indexing should restart on the failed patient, rather than go back to the beginning when a failure occurs."
[NBIA-747] "Workflow: Check needed to be implemented to ensure a new Collection has an associated Site."
[NBIA-690] Perform QC: Select all box does not get refreshed when changing to another page
[NBIA-390] create collection subscription feature
[NBIA-323] "Investigate submission of Image Type -- DICOM [0008,0008]"
[NBIA-223] Correctly store tag [00080008] in NBIA

See JIRA for the latest use cases (implemented and deferred), existing open defects, community requests, resolutions and feature requests.

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