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The National Biomedical Imaging Archive (NBIA) provides access to in vivo images. The goal of the NBIA is to provide the cancer research community, industry, and academia with access to an imaging data archive that will assist in the development and validation of analytical software tools supporting lesion detection and classification, accelerated diagnostic imaging decision throughput, and quantitative imaging assessment of drug response. The repository aims to provide access to imaging resources that will improve the use of imaging in today’s cancer research and practice by increasing the efficiency and reproducibility of imaging supporting cancer detection, improving the accuracy of imaging supporting cancer diagnosis, leveraging imaging to provide an objective assessment of therapeutic response, and ultimately enabling the development of imaging resources that will lead to confident clinical decisions in patient care.

The NBIA at TCIA releases described on this page represent versions of NBIA customized for the TCIA Radiology PortalExit Disclaimer logo.

NBIA Release History

Release Name Release Date
NBIA at TCIA 8.1September 2022
NBIA at TCIA 8.0April 2021
NBIA Data Retriever 4.3April 2021
NBIA at TCIA 7.9November 2021
NBIA Data Retriever 4.2November 2021
NBIA at TCIA 7.8July 2021
NBIA Data Retriever 4.1July 2021
NBIA Client 1.0.73March 2021
NBIA Data Retriever 4.0February 2021
NBIA at TCIA 7.7February 2021
NBIA at TCIA 7.6July 2020
NBIA Data Retriever 3.6April 2020
NBIA at TCIA 7.5April 2020
NBIA 7.1.1 GA Community VersionFebruary 2020
NBIA 7.1 GA Community VersionJanuary 2020
NBIA at TCIA 7.4October 2019
NBIA at TCIA 7.3.1October 2019
NBIA Data Retriever 3.5September 2019
NBIA at TCIA 7.3September 2019
NBIA at TCIA 7.2July 2019
NBIA Data Retriever 3.4June 2019
NBIA Client 1.0.46May 2019
NBIA at TCIA 7.1May 2019
NBIA Client at TCIA 1.0.44March 2019
NBIA at TCIA 7.01March 2019

NBIA 7.0 GA Community Version

March 2019

NBIA at TCIA 7.0

November 2018

NBIA at TCIA 6.5.4

September 2018

NBIA 6.5 Community Version 

July 2018

NBIA at TCIA 6.5.3

June 2018

NBIA at TCIA 6.5.2

February 2018

NBIA at TCIA 6.5.1

November 2017

NBIA at TCIA 6.5

September 2017

NBIA at TCIA 6.4.3

April 2017

NBIA at TCIA 6.4.2

March 2017

NBIA at TCIA 6.4.1 

February 2017

NBIA 6.4 

September 2016

NBIA 6.3

October 2015

NBIA 6.2

June 2015

NBIA 6.1 

November 2014

NBIA 6.0

April 2014

NBIA 5.2.1 

December 2013

NBIA 5.2

November 2013

NBIA 5.1

December 2012

NBIA 5.0.1

February 2011

NBIA 5.0

December 2010

NBIA 4.5

September 2010

NBIA 4.4.1

June 2010

NBIA 4.4

March 2010

NBIA 4.3

October 2009

NBIA 4.2.2

September 2009

NBIA 4.2.1

June 2009

NBIA 4.2

May 2009

NCIA 4.1

December 2008

NCIA 4.0

October 2008

NCIA 3.7

August 2008

NCIA 3.5

April 2008

NCIA 3.0

February 2008

NCIA 2.4

November 2007

NBIA at TCIA 8.1 Release Notes

Product:  NBIA 
Version:  NBIA at TCIA 8.1
Client Version: 1.0.8
Data Admin Version: 1.0.9
User Admin Version: 2.4
Release Date: September 2022

Features Addressed in This Release

[NBIA-1894]    Improve approve deletions
[NBIA-1863]    Document curl examples
[NBIA-1831]    Data Admin - Perform QC - Cinemode window difficult to close
[NBIA-1829]    "Data Admin - Perform QC - Add ""contains"" for any item that has ""starts with"""
[NBIA-1824]    Object Store Scalability Testing
[NBIA-1806]    New reporting for Data Admin
[NBIA-1782]    TCIA help desk request TH-47385 - 
[NBIA-1675]    Login window shows up when starting NBIA @ TCIA
[NBIA-1383]    Add Download from Search results in Search Client

Defects Since 8.0 at TCIA Addressed in This Release

[NBIA-1914]    "Perform QC (Cine Mode) After Clicking on Skip/Next Series, subsequent Series missing Collection/Site values"
[NBIA-1892]    MD5 cache cron job needs to limit patients to those available to the public user
[NBIA-1879]    "NBIA Client: Download Query: Popup indicating ""Includes restricted data"" is presented even though a license with ""Commercial Use Not Allowed"" is associated."
[NBIA-1877]    NBIA Client: Cart Download:  Popup Error: Error Download Series data! Not Found - 404
[NBIA-1862]    Update copyright line and version in portal on https://[[NBIA-search/
[NBIA-1858]    "Perform QC (Cine Mode): Inconsistent status labels: First Review, Second Review..."
[NBIA-1857]    Perform QC (Cine Mode): All Fields needs to be cleared in Change QC Status box when Update/Next Series or Skip/Next Series is selected.
[NBIA-1856]    "Perform QC (Cine Mode): When in Cine Mode, image load progress bar stalls at 99%"
[NBIA-1855]    "Perform Quality Control (Cine Mode): When exiting Cine Mode and re-opening, the previously configured statuses and change log has not been cleared\refreshed from Cine Mode"
[NBIA-1852]    "Perform Quality Control (also in Cine Mode): Unable to update a Series status to: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Review"
[NBIA-1850]    NBIA Search Client:  Text Search:  Column sorting feature does not work on all Text Search Results page
[NBIA-1849]    NBIA Search Client: Cart: Study Date is not being sorted.
[NBIA-1841]    Authentication Failure if -v -f option are put in the middle of command line
[NBIA-1792]    Issues with Share My Query on restricted collections
[NBIA-1777]    Collection name missing from Cine mode series data
[NBIA-1774]    Save new license button shows wrong mouse pointer
[NBIA-1752]    Cart: Large Volume in Cart cart causes error 505 (Gateway Time-Out) - Cart page is empty
[NBIA-1674]    NBIA Client: Series Count mismatch between Cart\Export Spreadsheet with Downloaded Manifest File

Known Issues/Defects

[NBIA-1923]    Netsparker (Low): Version Disclosure (Tomcat)
[NBIA-1922]    Netsparker (Low):  Missing X-Frame-Options Header
[NBIA-1921]    Netsparker (Low): Missing Content-Type Header
[NBIA-1920]    Netsparker (Low):   Cookie Not Marked as Secure
[NBIA-1919]    Netsparker (Low): Cookie Not Marked as HttpOnly
[NBIA-1918]    Netsparker (Low): [Possible] Internal IP Address Disclosure
[NBIA-1917]    Netsparker (Medium):  [Possible] Password Transmitted over Query String
[NBIA-1916]    NETSPARKER (High): Out-of-date Version (Tomcat)
[NBIA-1912]    Download Query does not generate manifest file:  504 Gateway Time-out
[NBIA-1910]    Linux CLI Data Retriever log4j warning
[NBIA-1904]    API returns incorrect response code
[NBIA-1903]    commas in Protocol Description tag break CSV API results
[NBIA-1901]    Update API for empty searches
[NBIA-1898]    Large manifests fail on restricted collections
[NBIA-1893]    NBIA data retriever does not work within NIH network
[NBIA-1889]    cart shows incorrect byte totals
[NBIA-1878]    NBIA Client: Download: Select Download Cart produces the NBIA Data Retriever popup when it should generate a manifest file.
[NBIA-1876]    "NBIA Data Retriever: UBUNTU: When not using sudo with cli command, java error:"
[NBIA-1873]    Sync the user group info from LDAP when the user logs in from Data Retriever CLI
[NBIA-1872]    Download the Data with Downloadable Visibility Only with Data Retriever CLI
[NBIA-1869]    NETSPARKER (LOW):  Cookie Not Marked as Secure
[NBIA-1868]    NETSPARKER (LOW):  Cookie Not Marked as HttpOnly
[NBIA-1866]    "When Search Criteria is Cleared, Shared My Query still retains some previously set Search Criteria; Browser Refresh is needed to completely clear out Share My Query"
[NBIA-1848]    "(0008,1084) Admitting Diagnoses Code Not Allowed to be Empty"
[NBIA-1839]    Several Search Criteria Are Not Being Cleared After Logging Out and Logging Back In
[NBIA-1837]    Data Admin Menu: After closing out from popups (Share My Query) the Data Admin drop down menu is disabled.
[NBIA-1819]    NETSPARKER (LOW):  Internal Server Error
[NBIA-1818]    NETSPARKER (LOW):  Autocomplete is Enabled
[NBIA-1817]    NETSPARKER (LOW):  Version Disclosure (Tomcat)
[NBIA-1816]    NETSPARKER (LOW):  Missing X-Frame-Options Header
[NBIA-1815]    NETSPARKER (LOW):   Missing Content-Type Header
[NBIA-1814]    NETSPARKER (LOW):  [Possible] Phishing by Navigating Browser Tabs
[NBIA-1813]    NETSPARKER (LOW): [Possible] Cross-site Request Forgery in Login Form
[NBIA-1812]    NETSPARKER (LOW): [Possible] Cross-site Request Forgery
[NBIA-1811]    NETSPARKER (LOW):   [Possible] Internal IP Address Disclosure
[NBIA-1773]    The MD5 checksum values in DB are incorrectly entered by CTP submission
[NBIA-1766]    Netsparker (Low): Missing X-Frame-Options Header
[NBIA-1765]    Netsparker (Low): Missing Content-Type Header
[NBIA-1739]    "Labels for ""New Status"" options need to always come from the server"
[NBIA-1735]    Netsparker: NBIA Search Client: [Possible] Internal IP Address Disclosure
[NBIA-1734]    Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal: Version Disclosure (Tomcat)
[NBIA-1733]    Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal:  Version Disclosure (Nginx)
[NBIA-1732]    Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal:  Missing X-Frame-Options Header
[NBIA-1731]    Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal:  Missing Content-Type Header
[NBIA-1730]    Netsparker: Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal:  Internal Server Error
[NBIA-1729]    Netsparker:  Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal:  Cookie Not Marked as Secure
[NBIA-1728]    Netsparker:  Both NBIA Client and Classic Portal:  Cookie Not Marked as HttpOnly
[NBIA-1727]    Netsparker: Classic Portal:  Autocomplete is Enabled
[NBIA-1726]    Netsparker:  Classic Portal: [Possible] Phishing by Navigating Browser Tabs
[NBIA-1725]    Netsparker:  Classic Portal:  [Possible] Cross-site Request Forgery
[NBIA-1719]    Migrate to Angular 12(+)
[NBIA-1718]    Perform QC: Search selection indicator bar does not accurately indicate\match backend query being sent to the server
[NBIA-1710]    [IDC] getCollectionValuesAndCounts collection name changed?
[NBIA-1700]    "Calendar: After typing in From to Date range, user is unable to select any other date from the pop-up calendar."
[NBIA-1694]    Perform QA When using both Patient ID and Subject ID filters together: Internal Server Error (500)
[NBIA-1693]    "Perform QC: Use of AND is not being implemented in Modality, Manufacturer filters"
[NBIA-1682]    Data Retriever 4.1:  Update needed for help desk url
[NBIA-1659]    NBIA Client: Notable delay before default search filters appear on the Perform Quality Control page
[NBIA-1583]    [IDC] API to get TCIA data collection metadata
[NBIA-1555]    Netsparker (Low):  [Possible] Internal IP Address Disclosure 
[NBIA-1541]    "Perform Quality Control: QC Status History:  Submission-Status:   Space needed in ""NotComplete"" status"
[NBIA-1515]    Collections are not Listed on the Perform QC and Approve Deletions page due to certain sequences of special characters present in the collection_descriptions table's collection_name column
[NBIA-1492]    Data Admin: Perform QC: Column Headers Not Aligned
[NBIA-1322]    NBIA Search Client: Browser Sign In Popup Does not Authenticate
[NBIA-1269]    NBIA Client 1.0.55 logging in does not always update query criteria lists
[NBIA-1257]    NBIA classic - update link to DICOM viewers and verify link to user's guide
[NBIA-1188]    Save Query: Top Parent Node for all Manufacturing Model is not checked after Saving a Query and editing it.
[NBIA-1187]    "Save Query: When selecting a Baseline Plus value, the Subject ID's entered is not saved in the Save Query"
[NBIA-1185]    SiteMap: About Us link leads to nonexistent page.
[NBIA-1184]    SiteMap: Simpe Search link navigates to Simple Search page with no available collections.
[NBIA-1067]    "Google Chrome:Workflow Item: When having multiple Workflow Items, selecting to Edit a workflow would bring up the wrong workflow item to edit."
[NBIA-1043]    Incorrect Release Version shown on Portal Home Page: Value for is not being picked up
[NBIA-816]    file names don't match slice numbers in DICOM header
[NBIA-747]    "Workflow: Check needed to be implemented to ensure a new Collection has an associated Site."
[NBIA-690]    Perform QC: Select all box does not get refreshed when changing to another page
[NBIA-223]    Correctly store tag [00080008] in NBIA

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