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Posting New Protégé Clients on GForge

For every new version of Protégé, the new client is posted up on the NCI GForge site Production tier clients are not only posted, but also must be installed on all editors' machines that are on-site.

  • Transfer a copy of the Protégé Client folder from the server to your local machine, or utilize the folder from your local machine if the build was performed locally.
  • Remember to reinsert a copy of the JRE folder back into the client folder transferred from the server.
  • Create a zip file of the folder, as well as a self-extractor of the folder. To create the self-extractor, right click on the newly created zip file, and select "Winzip, then Create Self-Extractor (.exe). Once the self-extractor window appears, set the default "unzip to folder" path to "C:/Program Files". Another window will appear requesting if the user would like to test if the self-extractor will unzip the contents into the specified path. Agree and check that it unpacks correctly to C:/Program Files/Protégé.Client-x.x.x
  • Log into GForge, click on EVS Collaborative Terminology Dev Tools, click on the 'File' tab located at the top right hand area of the page, click a desired tier, click 'Admin' at the top of the page, click 'edit releases' for the Base Installation Package Name, click 'edit' for the specified tier, scroll down to 'Step 2: Add Files to This Release', click 'Browse' to add the zipped clients.
  • The Files tab should be maintained, disposing of any client that is two builds past due from the latest build version.