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TCGA is a large project composed of multiple components and equipped with various custom applications to handle large volumes of research data. The following items will familiarize you with many facets of the project and inform you of TCGA news of interest.

Before you begin...

  1. About TCGA - Learn about the history and goals of TCGA.
  2. Data Primer - Read the data primer to get an overview of the project goals, background, organization and data resources.
  3. Publication Guidelines - This documents provides guidelines surrounding use of TCGA data for publications and research.
  4. Mailing lists - Subscribe to mailing lists to receive updates on data availability and TCGA news.
  5. News and upcoming events - Watch for news and upcoming events that affect the TCGA community.

If you need help...

  1. TCGA Encyclopedia - Look up TCGA terms using the encyclopedia.
  2. FAQ - See common questions and their answers.
  3. Support Contacts - Contact CBIIT Application Support or the DCC bioinformatics group with questions, issues or requests.

If you submit data...

  1. Data Submission Overview - This document is intended as a quick reference guide which outlines the requirements and basic steps for a submission to the DCC.
  2. Data Submission Guide- Read this guide to understand the process of data submission to the DCC.
  3. TCGA Client Side Validator - Validate your archives using TCGA Client Side Validator before submitting them to the DCC.

Accessing data...

  1. Retrieving Data from the TCGA Data Portal
  2. TCGA User's Guides
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