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An access control policy is in place for TCGA data to ensure that personally identifiable information is kept from unauthorized users.



Access Tier Overview

The TCGA project produces large volumes of genomic information derived from human tumor specimens collected from participants. It also collects significant amounts of clinical information associated with these specimens. The aggregated data generated is unique to each individual and, despite the lack of any direct identifying information within the data, there is a risk of individual re-identification by bioinformatics methods and/or third-party databases. Because participant privacy protection is of paramount concern to NIH, NCI , and TCGA, human subject protection and data access policies have been implemented to minimize the risk that the privacy of the donors and the confidentiality of their data will be compromised. As part of this effort, data generated from TCGA are available in two tiers:


Open Access Data Tier

The open access data tier comprises public data not unique to an individual. The Open Access data tier does not require user certification.

For additional details see Access Tiers.

Controlled Access Data Tier

The Controlled Access data tier contains data that may be unique to an individual. All data types are stripped of direct identifiers. The Controlled Access data tier requires user certification.

For additional details and how to gain access to controlled access data see, Access Tiers.

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