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Annotations Manager

The Annotations Manager is an application that allows authorized TCGA team members to add annotations about TCGA participants and samples down to the aliquot level. This application is available on TCGA Data Portal.

Bulk Download

Bulk Download is an application that performs file-based searches on the latest versions of TCGA archives for download.

Data Matrix

The Data Matrix or Data Access Matrix (DAM) is an application that provides TCGA data users the option to build and download custom data archives by selecting samples represented graphically in a matrix. The Data Matrix only provides the latest revision of each archive; older revisions are available through bulk download or HTTP access. Also, it does not allow for querying across multiple disease studies.

TCGA Client Side Validator

TCGA Client Side Validator is a Java application of QCLive. This application is run locally by all data submission centers to validate data archives before submitting them to the DCC.

Biospecimen Metadata Browser

The Biospecimen Metadata Browser is an application that provides a means to search and browse TCGA biospecimen metadata. The Biospecimen Metadata Browser allows users to search and browse UUIDs/barcodes and the metadata that they represent.

TCGA File Search

The TCGA File Search is a new interface designed to allow users to access TCGA data based on simple biological concepts. File Search accesses the same information as the Data Matrix and Bulk Download, but does so in a more easily accessible manner. The File Search is capable of including files from multiple diseases.

Publication MAF Search

The Publication MAF Search (Beta) is a new TCGA application that allows users to search the contents of publication MAF files without opening the original files. It includes key filters such as gene name, barcode, disease name, and others. This interactive tool allows users to search the contents of publication MAF files across multiple diseases. It can also export search output and download custom MAF files.










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