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The Data Coordinating Center (DCC) is the central provider of TCGA data. The DCC standardizes data formats and validates submitted data.


The information that is generated by TCGA is centrally managed at the DCC and entered into public databases as it becomes available. Centralization of data facilitates data transfer between the network and the research community, making data analysis more efficient.

The DCC is responsible for various aspects of the project:

  • protecting participant privacy and confidentiality through secure access for research that are classified as controlled access datasets
  • developing data standards and controlled vocabularies
  • establishing informatics pipelines for dataflow from production centers to a central repository
  • developing new analytical and visualization technologies for different audiences to facilitate data analysis

Data Submissions

The DCC receives and validates data from the BCRs, GCCs and GSCs before making it available to the research community through applications hosted via the TCGA Data Portal.


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