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The Data Matrix or Data Access Matrix (DAM) is an application that provides TCGA data users the option to build and download custom data archives by selecting samples represented graphically in a matrix. The Data Matrix only provides the latest revision of each archive; older revisions are available through bulk download or HTTP access. Also, it does not allow for querying across multiple disease studies.

To get detailed information including examples, click on the button below to access the Data Matrix User's Guide.

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The Data Matrix enables researchers to target data sets in TCGA servers through a user-friendly, graphical data set selection system. A user can download entire archives of data as submitted to the DCC by various GCCs, GSCs, and the BCR.

Alternatively, the user can download specific data sets by cross-selecting a combination of center, platform, data type, data level, or batches of samples. The result of those selections is a subset of TCGA data files specific to those selections.

When a download is launched, the system creates a gunzipped tar (.tar.gz) archive from the selected files. The processing time depends on the amount of data you requested, but it may take several hours. Although you cannot cancel the process at this point, you can close your browser or navigate away from the processing page. The processing continues in the background. When the process is complete, the process page displays a link to the archive file on the TCGA server. Additionally, the system sends a link to the archive in a message to the email address provided when the download process was started in the Data Matrix.


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