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Data Reports

The TCGA Data Portal provides a number of reports that provide detailed information about TCGA project progress and TCGA workflow. They are described below under two report catagories: General Interest and Aliquot Reports. To access these reports see TCGA Data Reports.

General Interest

Data Statistics Dashboard

The Data Statistics Dashboard provides high-level statistics describing TCGA data content and use.

Project Case Overview Dashboard

The Project Case Overview Dashboard (PCOD) is a visual progress report created by the DCC on cases processed (for each disease study) by the BCRs, GCCs and GSCs.

BCR Pipeline Report

The BCR Pipeline Report provides a graphical representation of the current state and workflow at the BCR-level of the project.

Sample Counts for TCGA Data Report

The Sample Counts for TCGA Data Report provides a count summary of Sample IDs by Disease Study, Center, Analyte Type, and Platform.

Latest Archive Report

The Latest Archive Report lists the most recent version of all data archives submitted to the DCC.

Code Tables Report

The Code Tables Report is an application that displays the collection of codes and abbreviations used within TCGA in an interactive table.

CGHub Summary Statistics Report

The CGHub Summary Statistics report summarizes the number of genomic sequences available from CGHub.

Aliquot Reports

Experiment Aliquot Report

The Experiment Aliquot Report provides a summary for all existing Aliquot IDs by listing their disease study, batch number, receiving center, platform, and Data Levels.

Aliquot ID Breakdown Report

The TCGA Aliquot ID Breakdown Report lists each existing aliquot barcode broken up by its components to clearly display the metadata captured within the barcode.





















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