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Page: My password no longer works for downloading Controlled Access data? Page: Why are some TCGA data protected and how can I gain access to them? Page: How do I read a TCGA barcode? Page: What is a sample code? Page: This is my first time submitting data, what do I need to do? Page: My institute would like to contribute to TCGA, what do I need to do? Page: Can I contribute results for a cancer that is not listed on the TCGA Portal? Page: I've created (or will be submitting) a new data type Page: I've developed some analysis tools that I want to make available to the TCGA community. How can I have them hosted? Page: I've just purchased a new instrument. How do I know if TCGA can accept my data? Page: I've created (or will be submitting) a new file format Page: I need to have data removed from the TCGA repository and website Page: We're publishing a paper using TCGA Data. Can we publish the data on the TCGA Portal? Page: Do you have a summary table of all the samples processed? Page: How many samples are processed for each cancer? Page: Is the normal always an adjacent normal for each cancer? Page: How do I determine what kind of tissue was used for a sample using the TCGA Barcode? Page: I have a question or problem with TCGA data. Who should I contact? Page: What is the difference between the TCGA pilot project and the current TCGA project? Page: Where can I get the marker file for Affymetrix SNP 6 data? Page: Where can I obtain a CDF file that was used in GBM or OV analyses? Page: Why did you choose MAGE-TAB over other formats to model data? Page: What is an independent or orthogonal genotyping method in MAF files? Page: What is the difference between the MAF headers named “Verification_Status” and “Validation_Status” in describing somatic mutation status? Page: Where does the reference allele for a MAF file come from? Page: How are XSDs versioned? Page: How do I download clinical data for specific disease study? Page: What are the 'days_to' values in clinical XML and biotab files? Page: What does a portion code represent? Page: What does the procurement_status attribute indicate? Page: What is a batch? Page: What is the difference between a tissue slide and a diagnostic (FFPE) slide? Page: Which clinical common data elements (CDEs) are protected? Page: Which surgery date is associated with the actual sample? Page: For DNA Methylation data, why do you only report one beta value instead of two? Page: For expression data, what is the difference between the values submitted to TCGA and ICGC? Page: How can I find Copy Number data for the SNP platforms using the Data Matrix? Page: How do I retrieve results for samples that are available on all platforms? Page: If this is Bulk Download, why can I only download one archive at a time? Page: In the Data Matrix, what do A (Available), N (Not Available), P (Pending) and blank (Not Applicable) mean? Page: In the Data Matrix, why are there 'Not Available' and 'Available' data for a single batch? Page: In the Data Matrix, why are there large areas of 'Not Applicable' spaces for some sample-platform combinations? Page: In the Data Matrix, why do some samples only have clinical data? Page: My screen size is small, and I can't see the vertical scrolling control for the Data Matrix. How can I fix this? Page: What are the Analytical Tools? Page: What are the different levels of data and what do they mean? Page: What is the difference between the BAM Telemetry Reports and the BAM Telemetry Files? Page: Where can I find a description of the Data Matrix column headers? Page: Is the absence of a mutation in MAF file sufficient to call the individual wild type at that site?