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A Genome Data Analysis Center (GDAC) is a TCGA center that provides novel informatics tools to the research community while also providing analysis results using TCGA data.


The use of novel technologies, the need to integrate different data types and the immense quantity of data generated by TCGA has led to the formation of GDACs - new centers devoted to data analysis. These centers work hand-in-hand with the GCCs to develop state-of-the-art tools that assist researchers with processing and integrating data analyses across the entire genome.

For more information about GDACs that have been commissioned for analysis, visit the TCGA website.

Data Submissions to the DCC

At present, the DCC does not accept any GDAC data submissions through the automated validation and deployment system. One GDAC, the Broad Institute GDAC, currently uploads analysis data to the DCC for provisional deployment via controlled access.











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