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Posted on September 14, 2012

Dear TCGA Users,

Dear TCGA Data Users

The Data Coordinating Center (DCC) is undergoing final steps to verify that data archives from Genome Characterization Centers (CGCs) and Genome Sequencing Centers (GSCs) include assigned Universally Unique Identifers (UUIDs) for their biospecimen data.  This transition entails replacing the TCGABarcode as the primary identifier for the specimen with the appropriate UUID.

Starting September 28, all new data submissions from CGCs and GSCs will be required to follow UUID specifications as defined for SDRF, MAF and VCF files.

Between now and October 22, the DCC will be working with submitting centers to verify that all latest archives will include references to UUIDs.  Existing non-compliant archives already at the DCC will be supplemented with UUIDs and resubmitted as new revisions of the archive, so that by the end of October, all latest archives will have UUIDs associated with their biospecimens.

The DCC has several Wiki pages describing UUIDs, the UUID transition and benefits of using UUIDs (See below). 

Please direct any questions or concerns to DCC at the TCGA Bioinformatics support list serv of TCGA-DCC-BINF-L at


Related DCC Wiki pages include:

UUID Migration Plan Wiki page at:

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