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Date/Time: Thursday, December 16, 2010


Stuart Turner, Grace Stafford, Hua Min, Rick Kiefer, Larry Wright, Mike Riben, Trish Whetzel, Riki Ohira


  • Stuart shared the "Dashboard" of activities that need to get done
  • Stuart also created an "Archive" page
    • Anything that might be historically important, but not used for the purpose of the current activities and white paper development
  • Stuart then went through the outline that he had continued to flesh out, highlighting tasks, milestones, deadlines and assigned responsibility
  • Stuart also briefly shared the basecamp site for this workgroup
    • Q: If someone is assigned a task what is the method of notification? A: Basecamp was meant to be a "to do" list for individuals to manage themselves and let others know what they are suppose to be doing.
    • There are no active tasks yet because they were not marked to be listed in the active tasks
  • The section 2b on details of background on models specifically on OMV and the NCBO extensions (including summaries of the exercise of taking existing terminologies and mapping to OMV metadata)
  • There was some mention of the section on needing to incorporate some aspect of the new infrastructure and SAIF into the work being done in this group, but the relationship is still unclear
  • Hua is working on the TMM model
  • Rick would take the lead on content related to CTS2
    • Q: Section 1 iii 2 related to CTS2 in the context of the SI 2.0 and caGrid 2.0 Roadmaps is uncertain, are the roadmaps done and referencing CTS2? A: The Roadmaps are not done, so not sure if there will be references to CTS2 (we may need to wait and see how it might be related to these other CBIIT activities)
    • Work being done in CDISC for CSHARE has been working a lot on the migration of CDEs (going from ISO 11179 to V3 semantics)
  • Want to schedule two outreach meetings
    • Ontolog (have Peter or someone present to this group)
    • Getting feedback on tangential projects of Oyster and know what the status is of these projects and how they are related or could be leveraged/reused in this particular effort
  • Terminology Metadata Model (TMM): objective of the project is similar to this group (Tom Johnson led it at Mayo and others participated) presented on it at the Salt Lake 2008 Face-to-Face Meeting. Need to at minimum reference in the effort.
  • The group will plan to meet Thursday, October 30, 2010 from 12-1 PM ET.

Action Items

  1. Stuart Turner - Update Basecamp with the milestone tasks and making assignments. The group can edit/adjust accordingly.
  2. Mike Riben - Send links on CDISC CSHARE effort for translating ISO 11179 to V3 semantics
  3. Sherri - Reach out to Peter for Ontolog presentation to this group
  4. Stuart Turner - Reach out to Raoul Parma for Oyster presentation to this group
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