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Date/Time: Thursday, December 30, 2010; 12-1 PM ET


Stuart Turner, Sherri De Coronado, Grace Stafford, Hua Min, Trish Whetzel, Riki Ohira


  • Stuart went through the draft he has currently been developing and put together a "mind map" to lay out all the topics for discussion and their hierarchies
  • The mind map is focused on things related to ontologies. Broken into two sections, metadata (metamodels) and collaborations
  • Uses Free Mind to develop the mind map, an open source tool
  • It's easier than a concept map because you don't have to deal with relationships, but only hierarchies, which the group can discuss
  • Allows for hyper links with the actual resources
  • Q: What does the learning objects metadata model looks like? A: It is something that could be developed in the future if we find the need to create one. There are examples and things out there that we could use for the
  • The objective of doing the mind map was to get a handle on the paper and prepare the paper, not necessarily for ontologies
  • We will need to clearly define the scope of the paper and briefly address gaps where we saw them
  • We need to address:
    • The topics assigned and include provenance
    • Have people assigned to different topics and present at each meeting and then discuss with the group and decide whether to include in the white paper, but to begin having discussions about things that need to be discussed and develop content that needs to be included
    • We need some actionable recommendations about metadata in the white paper
    • Big Areas:
      • Evaluation
      • Repository Registries
      • Community (Social metadata models)
      • Ontology
    • Q: How does Annotation and Workflow relate to this paper? A: Annotation and Workflow relate to the repository/registry aspect of the paper/mind map and workflow would be related to community aspects, workflow of federation, etc.
    • Annotation and Workflow is related to metadata, but it could be it's own category
    • The paper is a CIM level product and not a PSM level product
    • Friend of a Friend is something that should be briefly addressed
    • Part of making recommendations, the group will need to investigate the different options out there to have conducted due diligence in providing the best recommendation and briefly acknowledge that these other options were looked at
    • We haven't finished the review of the OMV elements, which we will need to finish in January 2011
    • There was some discussion about using the mind map as the basis for the paper outline, but there was no definitive answer as to whether that is the best approach
    • Stuart will put the mind map on basecamp and people can edit as they want
    • Core group of funded participants will meet weekly, plan to meet Thursdays 12-1 PM ET bi-weekly of the other groups

Action Items

  1. Grace Stafford - Object Identifiers
  2. Stuart - Ontology
  3. Hua - ISO standards
  4. Sherri - Lead provenance, Stuart to help
  5. Harold and Rick - Write background on CTS2, status, roadmap and how it relates to this project
  6. Stuart - Email Rick and Harold to assign the CTS2 authoring section
  7. Riki - Send calendar invite for bi-weekly meetings for core authors
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