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Date/Time: Thursday, February 24, 2011; 12-1 PM ET


Stuart Turner, Grace Stafford, Hua Min, Rick Kiefer, Stuart Bell, Mike Riben, Larry Wright, Riki Ohira


  • Q: Is there anything specifically new for the CTS2 that needs to be taken note of? A: The model has been revised a bit since the January release. Went from 80-page document to 200-page document so descriptions, definitions and z model is fully done and specifications are fully done.
  • Tasks for VKC: we hadn't really talked about the VKC.We are hoping to get a couple of papers from this project (a white paper with recommendations), but the thought was that this is a way to have a pitch for other things we would want to include. What's on the "wish list" for the VKC.
    • Tooling/technology for the tasks is referring to VKC itself, or LexEVS and
    • Not ignoring standards, NCRI has the broadest view of standards
    • Write to ontology representation, but also write to standards (not formally making recommendations for standards)
    • Support may be the most important aspect we want to include in this
    • Number of pages is not important, can be from one page to as many as five pages
  • OID tasks for Grace
    • Q: Where should we put it? A: It might be easiest to write in modules, then add it later.
  • Stuart shared the work he has done on Ontology Evolution
    • Ontologies are dynamic and we have been thinking about what are the main pieces of information needed about ontolgoies, like normative source, etc.
    • For documents and references
    • Now with web technologies, there is information that every document will have a URI or OID
    • We need to ask if the current metadata for ontolgoies supports ontologies appropriately, and if not, what recommendations should we make
  • Q: Do we need to create a separate document for this? A: The outline posted is more granular than this and a guide to what we should write to.
  • We should write in pieces and put it together later. We can worry about formatting later.
  • Task for ODM
    • Of the ontolgoy specific formats (like CTS2, BioPortal, etc), there is also ODM, an OMV spec that covers a broader territory. Look at specification of ODM (and is becoming more important in SI 2.0 activities) so we want to consider it's impact as much as time allows right now
    • Want to write about things it supports and "gotchas"
    • 1/2-page summary
  • BioPortal
    • Looked at classification scheme, which was created by user request and is not exhaustive
    •  Automation to do semantic indexing
    • Stuart took REST API and pulled 247 or 289 ontologies in BioPortal; took their descriptions and looked at keywords, to give an idea of the types of ontologies are in BioPortal
  • Stuart also reviewed the Recommendations Page
    • There was a gap analysis for ISO 11179 v2 and v3 that Denise Warzel and Dianne Reeves is familiar with.
    • Plan to look at it and review and see if there is any relevance to this group's activity (Sherri is working on this)
    • Display representation: NCRI/ONIX approach is good and we may want to include things with word clouds. How can we improve visualization of terminologies? From both NCRI and VKC.
      • ONIX provides dossier of artifacts about the ontology of interest; curation effort, done by hand and curate all the resources about that ontology/terminology
      • Is there a way to automate the curation (to provide automated updates of new versions, new documents or new information)
  • Community Outreach
    • Rating the Raters paper that Natasha Noy wrote
    • Getting feedback from Trish and Natasha and will write up draft summary on this area and would like feedback from Stuart Bell (NCRI), Trish and Natasha (NCBO), and VKC
  • The group agreed to work on this off-line and reach out to each other if they need more information or feedback (review) of specific content
  • Key authors are: Stuart Turner, Sherri DeCoronado, Hua Min, and Mayo (CTS2/VKC)

Action Items

  1. Stuart Turner - Write outline for ODM content (things that should be highlighted, etc)
  2. Hua Min - Fill in the outline with details on ODM content based on the topics Stuart highlighted (1/2 page summary of ODM)
  3. Riki Ohira - Send cancellation for next two weeks (due to other meetings)
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