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Date/Time: Thursday, January 20, 2011; 12-1 PM ET


Stuart Turner, Sherri DeCoronado, Hua Min, Harold Solbrig, Grace Stafford, Rick Keifer


  • Stuart began by saying he had spent some time going through the literature and posted a large number of articles to the
  • Stuart added several documents to the Bibliography
  • Has also updated basecamp with tasks
  • Sherri brought up using Google Docs to collaboratively develop a single document last week for a deliverable and found it to be really affective and efficient.
    • We could use it in lieu of the wiki or a complement to the wiki
    • It's efficient to sit at the same time and work on it together, collaboratively on-line
    • Once sections are written collaboratively, the end product could then be added to the wiki (writing in a modular fashion)
  • Tomorrow's meeting to discuss CTS2 also plans to bring up things like value sets and vocabulary binding
    • Harold Solbrig will be reviewing what they currently have in the UML model and have recommended value sets (which OMV has some), but will be nice to have other recommendations
    • Extensions to OMV: 1) evaluation extension and 2) annotation extension
    • Harold sent email to OMV authors and got no response from these authors
    • Stuart had contact Raoul Parma and he responded quickly
    • Helpful task is to line
  • Sherri commented that Amgen is using schema logic to manage terminology and have 1600 terminologies. Most of them are subsets of MedDRA and about 400 terminologies/value sets mixed in with their terminologies. They may work with us in the future and intersted in LexEVS and our value sets capabilities. They are mixing terminologies and value sets together. WE might want to use them as a source of what metadata is needed (as an end-user community).
  • Hua presented on the ISO197763-3 research
    • There are two packages: Basic Model and Evolution Model package
    • Metadata classes within the Basic Model package: Registered Ontology Whole and Unregistered Ontology Whole
    • Registered Ontology Whole can be broken into subclasses of Administered Items
    • Other package part of the Ontology is the Ontology Component, which is broken into subclasses
    • Ontology Atomic Construct, which also has two subclasses
    • The Evolution package has: Registered Ontology Whole Evolution,
    • Need to find usage of these standards, and Hua was not able to find any real information about usage of these standards, but Stuart was able to find references used for this metadata.
    • There was a paper (Body of a work) talks about best practices and measures for high quality ontologies. This became an ISO standard about 6 months ago so it is still new in terms of identifying real users of this standard
    • Harold has also participated in the groups for ISO and the people who put this together are Korea, Japan and China and there is use of these in parts of Korean industry and academic use in Japan
    • The "Registry of Registries," which is all reasonably new but recognizes registered item in ISO 11179 part 3
    • Might ask the original authors about use of this
    • There are some interesting things, like the evolution of the whole versus evolution of components
    • We need to be consistent and not contradict it (for CTS2)
    • Q: Are there enumeration? A: They have a list of the ontology languages.
    • Invite Denise or ask Denise if she has any ideas. Getting ready to go to ballot.
    • The standard is pretty atomic and not sure how granular the information needs to be and was the intent to be implemented by OWL, etc?
    • There are several people in the Korean car industry that has authored and used this, that might be able to speak with us.
    • Need to think about how we write to this in the various sections.

Action Items

  1. Everyone - Go to the CTS2 page and review content
  2. Riki/Stuart - Ask Denise about who is using the ISO standards
  3. Sherri - Ask Denise if she can attend this meeting to hear about the ISO standard and provide her input (she could provide ISO perspective)
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