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Date: November 18, 2010

Time: 12-1 PM ET


Stuart Turner, Stuart Bell, Sherri De Coronado, Larry Wright, Hua Min, Jyoti Pathak, Rick Kiefer, Harold Solbrig, Riki Ohira


  • Stuart Turner gave an update to the current status of the work and scope defined
  • Stuart Turner asked for any recommendations for the structure of the Roadmap to better understand dependencies and timeline of the tasks and scope of work
  • In late spring, this group will need to give an update at the VCDE Workspace Teleconference (early/mid-February)
  • Continued to review Implementation activities
    • How are we going to implement this information?
    • NCBO, NCRI (Onyx), and CBIIT has some mechanism and perhaps discussing what the implementation would look like
    • From CTS2 perspective, we plan to publish the implementation of the CTS2 specification (publishing on BioPortal resource some time within the next 6 months) and publishing February/March 2011 a waddle of how one could create a REST resource on how to use this information
      • If you're just publishing a catalog, you can implement CTS2 specification using SOMETHING
      • CTS2 specification have been broken into "chunks" so that if smaller pieces are needed for implementation, they can use just what is needed
      • WADL and WSDL is the first platform specific model, but also asks for SOAP specification. Would want to have a simple Java specification, but not sure if it would be included in submission
      • (website on CTS2)
        • Has REST prototype >> Code >> NCItXML
        • There are working documents that have various PDFs of (for example, master.pdf) that has current specifications
        • Harold welcomed this group to review and provide feedback
    • As we work on SAIF IG and Ontology Representation white paper, we should keep the work done with CTS2 in mind. Specifically things related to CIM, PIM and PSM
    • Transformation from PIM to PSM is currently done by manually. Transformation from the different levels of models is
    • Z training was given by Oxford University. Harold commented that Z notation has been very helpful and useful in describing the model, etc.
  • Friday meetings with (BLANK) have been discussing IP issues
  • Harold Solbrig wrote to Alan Ruttenburg and wrote to Hartman and early authors of OMV and asked why they moved away from the basic structure for ontology (and Harold will inform the group of their response)
  • Stuart Turner said he would continue his engagement with Raoul Parma to have him present on work
  • Discussed white paper:
    • Those funded would do heavy lifting and lead sections of activities
    • Volunteers would participating and contribute to sections
    • Have separate meeting with Stuart, Jyoti, Hua
  • The group decided to have bi-weekly meetings and in the interim week, everyone can decide what content should be presented for the hour meeting
  • Community Aspects
    • Need analyze what works and what doesn't work
    • Discuss ranking/ratings by the community
  • We can think about how best to represent the project plan to make it easier to understand the timeline, progress, etc.

Action Items:

  1. Stuart Turner - Draft of project plan
  2. Stuart Turner - Send Doodle poll for this small meeting
  3. Riki Ohira - make sure Rick Kiefer is included in the meeting invite and distribution list
  4. Riki Ohira - Set up Listserv and add all attendees
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