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Date/Time: Thursday, October 13, 2011; 12-1 PM ET
Lead: Sherri De Coronado
Moderator: Brian Davis


1) Spend 30 mins on action items:

Brian Make Project plan a wiki page Oct 13

Brian Make Wiki Page of Possible Journals to publish in Oct 13

Riki Make Table of CTS2 to OMV and OMV+ comparison into a table on wiki Oct 13

Riki Post Hua Min’s list of Vocabs reviewed in caBIG on wiki Oct 13

Brian (carried over another week) Remind people of Poll for Alternative times to meet Oct 13

Brian (carried over another week) Ask Stuart for update from OMV leadership Oct 13

Sherri (carried over another week) Look at reviews Trish posted to Bioportal abstracted form caBIG VCDE reviews, see if any are missing, etc. Oct 13

Grace (carried over another week) Look thru references that Stuart put together and see if any can be applied to NCBO reviews page Oct 13

Sherri (carried over another week) Analyze what NCBO has vs. what OMV has (same), and implementation differences Oct 13

Trish and Brian Report on Meta-Ontology group activity Oct 27

Hua Min Look up more information on the International Journal of Metadata (how well-known is it in the US) Oct 13

2) Comparison of OMV to CTS2 to NCBO table

3) Add more people (See Stuart Bells suggestion of Susan)

4) Report of NCI CBIIT and NCBO/Stanford discussion

5) Other?


Brian Davis, Sherri De Coronado, Hua Min, Larry Wright, Stuart Turner, Troy Bleeker, Bob Freimuth, Grace Stafford, Riki Ohira


  • Review of Action Items
    • Brian added the project plan (which is more like a task list since there are no dates and assignment of responsibilities)
    • Will need to work on task list to make a robust project plan which should include identifying a journal to target for publication (which should be done by mid-November 2011)
    • Brian also posted a list of potential journals to consider for publication
      • Comment that we should consider what other journals have already published on OMV and OMV related content and perhaps "piggyback" on these journals
      • Also want to consider who we might know on the editorial boards for the journals we are considering; may make it easier (perhaps Stanford)
      • Stuart will look at the Bibliography for the current white paper for journals that include OMV content
    • Riki posted the table comparing OMV, CTS2, OMV+work and NCBO
    • Riki posted the list of caBIG approved vocabulary on the main ORWG wiki page
      • List of vocabulary:
        • NCI Thesaurus
        • GO
        • LOINC
        • CTCAE 4.0
        • SNOMED CT
        • ICD 9-CM
        • ICD-10
        • RadLex
        • RxNorm
        • MedDRA
      • Stuart quickly reviewed the list with what is in NCBO and it appears that all but CTCAE 4.0 and ICD-9 CM are in both
    • Brian sent reminder but not enough responses to make a decision on when we can meet. For now these meetings will not change (Thursdays from 12-1 PM ET); and if the group has conflicts we can investigate moving bi-weekly or something in November or December.
    • Stuart spoke with Raul Parma from OMV
      • Raul would like to meet with this group either next week or in three weeks with some of his colleagues (Stuart forwarded email from Raul)
      • Brian recommended that we invite Raul to next week's meeting (Th. 10/20 from 12-1 PM ET); Stuart will invite Raul or find a time that works if he is unable to attend our standing meeting
      • Stuart also thought it would be a good idea to collect questions from the group for Raul about OMV (Riki will collect the questions)
    • Sherri still needs to look at reviews Trish posted to Bioportal abstracted form caBIG VCDE reviews, see if any are missing, etc
    • Grace did look through the references from Stuart Turner and see if any could be applied to the NCBO Review page
      • Grace found several articles referencing terminologies/vocabularies, but only two that were reviews of terminologies
        • Gene Ontology
        • Case study for cell cycle ontology
      • Grace will do a literature search on the terminologies listed on the caBIG approved list
    • Sherri added NCBO to the OMV, CTS2 OMV+work, NCBO Comparison table
    • Hua Min said that International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies is mainly known in Europe. We will want to consider if it is worth including as an option if it is not well-known in the US.
  • OMV, CTS2, and NCBO Comparison Table
    • Sherri shared that she met with Trish from NCBO and used their site to map fields they are using with OMV and CTS2
    • Sherri commented that she could not find "Format" in OMV or CTS2, but was on NCBO
    • Stuart commented that OMV has knowledgeRepresentationParadigm, which includes frames, description logic or predicate logic
    • Grace commented that NCBO has format information with 20 categories
    • Bob asked Craig Stancl about CTS2 and the "Format" field
    • Stuart also commented that OMV has richReleaseFormat (RFF), which may be the "Format" field that NCBO uses
    • Sherri did comment that most of NCBO maps to OMV, particularly the "Core" elements
    • Q: Are we using OMV as a standard? Extending OMV? Changing OMV?
      • Sherri commented that we have changed some names but they still map and so it is more of an extension than changing OMV
      • Stuart commented that OMV is still being worked on according to Raul sowe need to be sensitive about what do with OMV (extending or changing)
    • Sherri spoke with Harold Solbrig regarding CTS2 implementation of code system catalog entry. Most of the mapping is pretty clean; although Harold and Sherri needs to talk to Natasha Noy and Ray from NCBO on next steps for pilot implementation (also will work with VKC).
  • Stuart Bell said he will not be attending regularly since he doesn't feel he can contribute to the discussions until an implementation is instantiated
    • Stuart recommended inviting Susanna-Assunta Sansone who is very interested in ontologies
    • Stuart Turner commented that Susana is also involved in OBO

Action Item

Assigned To


Due Date

Brian Davis
Sherri De Coronado

Work on developing true project plan from now through end of January to have a manuscript developed on ORWG work


Stuart Turner

Literature search to see what journals have published articles on OMV


Stuart Turner

Follow up with Raul about attending next week's ORWG meeting or schedule time for us to meet next week if he is unable to attend the standing meeting


Riki Ohira

Send out email asking for questions for Raul/OMV and collect for meeting with him


Sherri De Coronado

(carried over another week) Look at reviews Trish posted to Bioportal abstracted form caBIG VCDE reviews, see if any are missing, etc.


Grace Stafford

Conduct literature search on caBIG approved terminologies that are reviewed


Brian Davis

Follow up with Stuart Bell regarding inviting Susana to join this group


Brian Davis
Trish Whetzel

Report on Meta-Ontology group activity


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