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Date: Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time: 12 - 1 PM ET



  • The group reviewed the Roadmap for this workgroup and it was commented that we need to have more people sign up to participate in the specific tasks. Each organization should have someone on each task.
  • Rick Kiefer posted the spreadsheet from the CTS2 presentation, and will add the link to the main page
  • Licensing issues could model after BST, MIT and Mozilla
  • Extensibility - It is a lower priority, but should be mentioned in the white paper (perhaps a paragraph addressing the need to expand on this in the future)
  • Community - Maintenance and Integration involves Community Outreach
  • SAIF/ECCF - Given that this is the new direction for caBIG, this group should review and consider how it impacts the work being done
  • Stuart mentioned that Raoul Parma is interested in sharing the work they have done (Oyster, Neon Tool Kit)
  • Alan Ruttenberg at Buffalo is interested in learning more about this effort and CTS2 project
  • Grace said we could volunteer her to work on whatever needed to get done

Action Items

  1. Harold Solbrig - Contact Alan Ruttenberg regarding this activity and CTS2
  2. Group - Continue to review and provide feedback for Roadmap AND sign up for activities
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