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Ontology Representation Workgroup Meeting Notes

Date: September 23, 2010

Time: 12-1 PM ET


Stuart Bell, Rick Kiefer, Grace Stafford, Larry Wright, Sherri DeCoronado, Troy Bleeker, Stuart Turner, Hua Min, Harold Solbrig, Jyoti Pathak, Trish Whetzel, Bob Freimuth, Riki Ohira


  • Stuart Turner went over the "strawman" project plan for the next few month's activities for the Representation of Terminology Standards/Ontology Representation Workgroup
  • There was a recommendation to break out the activities into "teams" since everyone will not be able to contribute to all the activities
  • Currently plan to finish up by the end of January 2011
  • There was a recommendation to have some type of "independent" review of the content being developed within this group. It may be informal with a presentation to the VCDE Workspace and a Forum thread on the VKC for community input/feedback
  • Primary deliverables will be the Core model and the white paper
  • There was some discussion on what groups, in addition to the three already involved (NCRI, NCBO and CBIIT/caBIG) should also be engaged
    • OMV (for closure)
    • Ontolog
  • Implementation of this: CBIIT would need storyboards of what the requirement/needs for implementation are for the model
  • Model is a key part of the deliverables for this group and harmonization with OMV, NCBO and other models is critical
  • Harold brought up the discussion of CTS2 and having a presentation to ensure its alignment with the OMV model this group is developing for adoption
  • Rick Kiefer to present on CTS2 at the next Ontology Representation Workgroup meeting (9/30)
  • There was discussion about two levels of community input/feedback
    • The first was having community input on the work being done within this workgroup, which the VKC forum could be a mechanism for collecting community input
    • Other community input is discussing process for collecting community input on the ontologies/terminologies implemented in the Core model being developed, including a presentation of how BioPortal currently collects community feedback and evaluating this process for adoption by this group

Action Items

  • Stuart Turner - Contact Natasha Noy to follow up on OMV closure
  • Sherri DeCoronado - Contact Peter Yim from Ontolog to engage as needed for this activity
  • The Group - Look at "strawman" roadmap and provide input/feedback into areas of interest or thoughts of scope/activities listed
  • Rick Kiefer - Present on CTS2 at the next Ontology Representation Workgroup meeting (9/30)
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