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Date: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time: 12-1 PM ET


Harold Solbrig, Larry Wright, Sherri DeCoronado, Rick Kiefer, Alan Barcroft, Craig Stancl, Grace Stafford, Hua Min, Jyoti Pathak, Bob Freimuth, Stuart Bell, Stuart Turner, Troy Bleeker, Riki Ohira


  • Stuart Turner gave an overview of the workgroup activity plan that he put on the wiki and asked the group to sign up for areas of interest or provide input into the activities listed and scope
  • Harold Solbrig presented an introduction on CTS2 (see attached presentation for details)
  • IDL = Interface Definition Language
  • Virtual Ontology was initially named the Ontology base with the Plus of the NCBO version for OMV-Plus
  • They want input into what should they "name" some of their things, like code system and code system version; what should the predicates be named in RDF triples, also what type of information should be collected in code system directories, etc.
    • Q: Is this a directory that exists? A: Yes, BioPortal does have directories. With CTS2, we want to harmonize with BioPortal directories and REST APIs
    • Part of the desire for the CTS2 development group is to get that harmonization/alignment with the BioPortal model
    • Q: Are you proposing that there would be a master directory with sub-directories to describe localizations, etc? A: No.
  • IRIs are URIs with ability to express in international languages (change that W3C is supporting)
  • There are different types of IRIs that need to be addressed
  • Original OMV model separated Ontology Base (same as Virtual Ontology) and Ontology Document that have similar attributes
  • CTS2 needed to harmonize this and how to deal with similar names and which one to choose. Example was Rights versus
  • Creative Common/Comments? is working on this and has a lot to say about it, so it would be helpful to be aware of what they are saying about this (for CTS2 development team)
  • Description versus synopsis; the decision was made to be the same
  • Rick presented the spreadsheet on the
  • Q: What are the namespaces in the CTS2 names? A: The namespaces were created by the CTS2 development team to help them organize the CTS2 names.
    • cs = code system
    • rd = resource description
    • ch = changeable
  • May need a sub-group to work on this more closely, hopefully with the input of Natasha Noy
    • Q: What is the deadline for the CTS2 project? A: At the latest, December 15th.
    • CTS2 development team are also working on meeting with Stanford separately to review the CTS2 model (perhaps in 2-3 weeks)
    • CTS2 development team also needs to make sure the full model is aligned with BioPortal since they are planning to use OMV for CTS2
    • There could be a Face-to-Face with Harold and Stanford to include Sherri DeCoronado and Stuart Turner possibly since they are in the area
  • ModificationDate was left alone by this group as well because it was difficult to determine what is considered a modification
  • CTS2 has three categories of their information:
    • things included in the model
    • Things that
    • Optional, not included in model
  • There are some things in the CodeSystemVersion that are not part of OMV, but included in CTS2
  • Stuart Turner has contacted Raul Parma from OMV/Oyster Project and is interested in sharing what they have and he could provide some information on OMV

Action Items

  • The Group - Sign up for areas of interest in the "strawman" activity plan
  • Stuart Turner - Contact Raul Parma to possibly present at another Ontology Representation Workgroup meeting
  • Rick Kiefer - Post presentation and spreadsheet to the Ontology Workgroup wiki
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