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Stuart Turner, Sherri DeCoronado, Rick Kiefer, Hua Min, Larry Wright, Jyoti Pathak, Mike Riben, Bob Freimuth, Mark Musen, Stuart Bell, Natasha Noy, Riki Ohira


  • We should come up with a core set of properties to move forward
  • We are currently looking at NCBO's model
    • Are we reviewing NCBO's model more than reviewing OMV?
    • Goal of reaching consensus document or statement about using OMV as a group
  • [Natasha]: It is important to distinguish between comments/feedback from author versus the community
  • Q: How do you track information coming from the community/author? A: When you're logged in, it will show if the comment comes from user versus the community.
  • In the next few weeks we should decide what core properties we should include and how to implement it on a small scale
  • NCBO is already using OMV to store ontology metadata; some fields are required, some are not
  • We have not found any big gaps with the OMV information and we should be as aligned as possible
  • We need to highlight issues that fall within metadata model and those that are implementation specific and keep them separately
  • We would need to highlight the issues that would prevent us from moving forward. The table of comments is a start
  • One key issue is that is was difficult to be as complete as possible. Open Ontology Repository (OR) is using NCBO as an effort to share
  • OR uses the same metadata as NCBO. They don't have content that NCBO or CBIIT would not have.
  • NeOn is finished as of last winter; not a real standard
  • The group will plan to discuss the issues with OMV properties and if not come up with a resolution, at least an approach to begin resolving
  • Other major component is peer review

Action Items:

  1. The Group - Review OMV test reviews and provide input/feedback on the OMV properties on the OMV Comment page.
  2. Natasha Noy - Continue to follow up with OMV to get the status (they have not been responsive)
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