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Meeting Information


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM





Facilitator: Sherri/ Stuart Turner


  • Grace
  • Stuart Bell
  • Stuart Turner
  • Larry
  • Trish
  • Hua
  • Sherri


  • Mark
  • Jyoti
  • Natasha

Meeting Agenda

Topic 1


Stuart's posted summary of issue areas


Stuart and all

Topic 2




Stuart and all

Topic 3


Next Steps/ Action Items



Meeting Minutes


Topic 1: Stuart's Issues Topics review/ discussion


Q & A

Stuart reviewed the summary of issue areas he had identified and some of us had commented on. Stuart emphasized separating out issue that are core issues vs implementation issues. He reiterated that what we are looking at now is really the NCBO metadata model -- to date, we don't know that the OMV model is being revised. It hasn't changed since 2007.

Required vs Optional - is this sufficient, or do we need flavors of null? Agreed that having a reason for empty data is useful (for example, not available, not applicable, not answered -- agreed to use the HL7 null values. Note, I think this might require a model change.

Action: For now, review the required items, and agree that these should be required. Identify any others that should be required.

Definitions are fuzzy. Action: Work with Trish to clarify those we can. End result should be, Definitions with Guidance. (Example: What does EndorsedBy really mean?)

We agree that mostly the terminology creators will provide this information. (brings up Provenance issue again; Curated vs community information. There should be two roles, where do we accommodate these?)

Presentation should be as easy/ simple as possible. (A user will likely be looking for a specific terminology(ies) for a project once in the project. They need to be able to identify what's available quickly and easily, and find out what they should be looking at.

Example of Cochrane Library (?) - 1 page abstract for clinician, with more detailed summary.  Discussed pre-built quieries, NCBO terminology finder

Topic 2: Provenance, models


Provenance of terminology, provenance of information about terminology

Q & A

Stuart briefly mentioned the provenance models. Action/ Homework: Review the Terminology Metadata Model, Terminology Provenance Model (OPM), and OMV extension for provenance for meeting in two week.

Topic 3: Next Steps and action items


Q & A

Action Items

Name Responsible

Action Item

Date Due



Summarize the Required items

meeting 2 weeks

So we can approve or modify required/ optional - goal an agreed upon core


Review the provenance documents

meeting 2 weeks

OMV provenance extension
OPM open provenance model -- see links on left column under resources

Sherri/ Trish/ Natasha/ Stuart

Definitions for at least required items

meeting 2 weeks or as soon as possible

Improve definitions where possible


Model change for provenance?


Curator vs community supplied data - model require modification?  Review again after reviewing existing provenance models.

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