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Meeting Information


00:00 AM







Stuart Turner, Stuart Bell, Larry Wright, Riki Ohira, Jyoti Pathak, Hua Min, Mike Riben, Natasha Noy


  • Mark
  • Alan Hogg (changing positions)
  • Sherri

Meeting Agenda


  • Alan Hogg/ NCRI - changing positions
  • Review comments on review of test terminologies
  • OMV governance / Ranking (for example, Amazon)

Meeting Minutes - Summary

  • Alan Hogg is no longer with NCRI, but is passing on his knowledge to Stuart Bell and NCRI is currently in the process of recruiting others.
  • Review Comments on the process for new review of different terminologies
    • Many areas it was difficult to populate the properties with values, but needed to include a comment or caveat associated with that comment.
    • NCBO user interface does not currently allow for comments, but we will as it is a common request from our users
    • Disambiguate Endorser, Adopter and Regulator
      • [Stuart Bell]: NCRI is seen as the Endorser if they are putting it out there, but realize that NCI (as government) may not be seen as an Endorser
      • [Larry Wright]: If there are various ways different governing bodies are seen as Endorser, Adopter, Regulator, and this information will be human readable, we should be comprehensive in the description rather than trying to make things fit into a limited number of categories.
      • Classification Scheme for ontologies
        • DMOZ was recommended, but may not be a good example
        • Q: How do we classify this best and group/aggregate concepts? A: NCBO has no good answer for this.
        • We may need to look at what types of properties people are inputting and how they are aggregating terms for themselves. Base it on what the community needs, and then evaluate if it works.
      • Keyword generation for the Community
        • Authors provide keywords when they submit terminologies
        • We do not have a way for users to submit keywords, but there has never been requests for this functionality
  • OMV governance
    • Governance shown on the website may be taken over my a new group
    • Action Item: Natasha to reach out to OMV to see what is going on.
  • Formally reviewed three terminologies, LOINC, NCIt, and SNOMed CT
    • NCBO extensions, it was critical that you be the developer
    • If you extend SNOMed with extensions, do you register your extensions separately from SNOMed? It was not clear where governance decisions was made.
    • How important is it to know where the extensions are coming from? And if so, what information is needed? There should be some provenance information associated with extensions.
  • ranking
    • There is a project, larger than this group with similar goals as this group. Ontolo
      "" Peter Yan gave a presentation at the SemTech meeting on this.
    • Meeting is
    • This group overlaps with NCBO, and deploying the NCBO application as a test instance
    • It would be better to have more informative comments on strengths and weakness rather than having star-ratings.
    • Is it worth having a ranking system? Or should we have a comment/feedback system instead?
    • Divide by perspective (ontologist, researcher, and clinician) as well
    • Think about an approach to do this: Three different perspectives and the features