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Tool Overview

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is a free extension of MediaWiki, the wiki-system powering Wikipedia, that helps to search, organize, tag, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content. While traditional wikis contain only texts which computers can neither understand nor evaluate, SMW adds semantic annotations that bring the power of the Semantic Web Technologies to the wiki.

What's New

SMW 1.5.0 released

March 07, 2010
This new version has seen a significant number of internal changes that will (hopefully) not affect users or extension developers, but that improve the maintainability and extendability of SMW. There are also some "visible" new features:

  • Inverse properties
  • New query parameters
  • Added and improved datatypes (but coordinates were moved to Semantic Maps)
  • Extended interface for Special:Ask

Refer to the release information for details, and to the installation and upgrade instructions.

At A Glance Details

Installation Level: Intermediate - technical assistance may be required, download may require supporting infrastructure or software
SMW 1.5.0 install requirements can be found in the SWM installation help.

Extension Information

  • September 16, 2009 The release of the "RDFa" extension.
    This extension provides the functionality of outputing semantic data of Mediawiki pages in the RDFa format. The RDFa formatted data generated from a page will have the page itself as the subject. The properties and objects are retrived from the semantic data of this page.

Presentations, Demos and Other Materials

Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki
Guoqian Jiang, Ph.D, Robert Freimuth, Ph.D.
VCDE WS Meeting
August 5, 2010

LexWiki Use Cases(3.0 MB)
Guoqian Jiang, Ph.D, Robert Freimuth, Ph.D., Harold Solbrig
Semantic Users Meeting
November 22, 2008

Importing Terminology into Semantic MediaWiki (168 KB)
Harold Solbrig

caBIG® Overview and How the Vocabulary Knowledge Center works with SMW
Robert Freimuth, Ph.D
First Meeting of Semantic MediaWiki Users was held November 22 - November 23, 2008.

This first meeting of Semantic MediaWiki users was held at the offices of the Monitor Group, at 2 Canal Park in Cambridge, MA. About 30 people gathered. The first day covered many aspects of SMW and its related extensions; including technical, usability, training, "best practices", marketing and business-development issues. The Sunday, "tech day" meeting covered in-depth technical aspects of some proposed additions to the SMW system.

Information (including minutes of each days activities) on the meeting can be found at SMW Nov.2008 Meeting.

Documentation and Training

SMW Users Manual

Semantic MediaWiki Quick Reference Guide (16 KB)

Installation and Downloads

Semantic MediaWiki

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Other Links and Support

Semantic Media Wiki Resource List

Semantic MediaWiki FAQ

Aligning SMW Activities

Semantic Wiki Mini-Series 2009

Semantic MediaWiki on Semantic Web wiki

Semantic MediaWiki as an extension of MediaWiki

Mailing Lists