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For additional help contact Application Support (email).


The Vocabulary Knowledge Center forums can be found in the VKC Quick Links menu on many of the VKC wiki pages. This will show you a list of all the forums. Each of the supported tools, as well as other topics in the vocabulary domain, has a sub-forum. You can go directly to a supported tool in this list:

These phpBB forums support RSS feeds. If you are interested, follow the directions for using RSS feeds in either your favorite browser or e-mail program. You will need to add an RSS feed for each each KC forum separately. Use the RSS icon in the forums for help in getting connected in this manner.


If you have a user account created after January, 2011, you may not get automatic email notification if a reply has been posted to a thread that you started.

Subscribing to Forums: If you have a user account created prior to January 2011, it is recommended that you do one of the following to be informed of changes to forum threads that you have created or posted to. To be notified via email you can either:

  1. Subscribe to any particular thread you are interested in with the "Subscribe topic" link at the bottom of the page when viewing that thread or
  2. Change your preference for notification. After logging in, go to the "User Control Panel" link > "Board Preferences" tab > "Edit posting defaults" left tab > "Notify me upon replies by default" radio button. You must be logged in to subscribe to set up the subscribe feature. (These options may not be visible if you are using Safari.)

Tips for Forum Use

As with any web-based system, you are encouraged to first write a lengthy post offline using some form of simple word processor. Then paste into the forum post. This way, if your work is lost due to a browser issue, you still have the offline version. This tip is not unique to this forum system. Good advice from a colleague: "If you're typing a minute or more, let your WordPad do the store."

Bugs and Feature Requests

Although your first line of questions should be routed through the VKC forums, you may also find a need to interact with the developers through the JIRA issue tracking database. Each tool has its own JIRA project. An NCI JIRA account is required to create bugs and features but viewing can be done anonymously.

Related Tools

Code Repositories

Each tool supported by the Vocabulary Knowledge Center (VKC) has downloads available from its landing page. It is recommended that you use the tool's landing page to discover the means by which you should interact with a particular code repository. However, if you are simply looking for a quick way to get to any repository then you can use this page. Note that these links are provided as a convenience but can not be effectively used without the documentation provided elsewhere for each tool.


These supported tools have FAQs.

These related tools have FAQs.

  • [caDSR]

caBIG Distribution Lists

CBIIT maintains a list of people interested in a particular domain. In order to participate with the NIH list services go to what they call a LISTSERV. The lists relevant to the VKC are:

  • CABIG_VCDE-L - Vocabulary and Common Data Elements work space announcements
  • NCIEVS-L - Enterprise Vocabulary Services announcements