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The mission of the Vocabulary Knowledge Center is to be the steward of a number of tools in the vocabulary domain. The following tools have their own wiki spaces on the NCI Wiki. Follow these links to navigate to the wiki space devoted to each tool.

  • LexEVS
    Provides a robust and scalable open source implementation of EVS-compliant vocabulary services. Also provides a flexible implementation for vocabulary storage and persistence and a standard tooling for load and distribution of vocabulary content. These services are built upon the LexGrid model.
  • LexWiki
    LexWiki is an instance of Semantic MediaWiki that provides an environment to browse and discuss the use and structure of the terminology. LexWiki allow users to suggest changes to the terminology providers and to effectively manage the changes.
  • NCI Protégé
    NCI Protégé is a collection of Protégé plug-ins developed for the NCI-specific editing environment. It is used to edit BiomedGT content and the NCI Thesaurus.