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Information about the following technologies and projects related to the Vocabulary Knowledge Center domain is posted on this wiki:

  • Common Terminology Services 2
    CTS stands for Common Terminology Services. This project represents an effort to build and standardize the second release of CTS, hence CTS 2.
  • Open Health Natural Language Processing (Open Health Natural Language Processing (OHNLP) Consortium) Consortium
    The goal of the Open Health Natural Language Processing Consortium (OHNLP) is to establish an open source consortium to promote past and current development efforts and to encourage participation in advancing future efforts. The purpose of this consortium is to facilitate and encourage new annotator and pipeline development, exchange insights and collaborate on novel biomedical natural language processing systems, and develop gold-standard corpora for development and testing.
  • Semantic Web Technologies
    Semantic Web Technologies is a primer on the the semantic web its tools and models. Visit these pages to get started in this arena and reference other key resources.
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