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What is a child page?

A child page is a page that is subordinate to another. 

  • When you are viewing any page, you can determine whether it has one or more child pages. In most wiki spaces on the NCI Wiki site, the sidebar provides a list of links representing the child pages of the current page.
  • To create a child page, click the Create button above the document window. Create child pages for content that is related to the content of the higher level page, but more specific.

What is a wiki space?

A Confluence wiki space is a group of pages that are administered together. For readers, authors, and editors, a space serves to organize pages on closely related topics in one place.

To navigate to and browse a wiki space:

  • Select the link for a space from the list in the sidebar of the wiki site Dashboard.

A space opens at its wiki home page. Like every Confluence page, this wiki home page can have child pages.

  • To view the links to the child pages, open the sidebar.

What is a page family?

Typically the child pages of a wiki home page are home pages for major topics in the space. The Wiki Tips and Guidelines page is an example of a wiki home page with child pages.

Each child page can serve as a topic home page, the top level page of a page family. A space can contain many page families.

Each topic home page can have any number of child pages. Each child page in turn can also have child pages. This forms a hierarchical grouping of pages (page family) on one topic.

To see the page hierarchy:

  • Click the ... option at the top of the document window and select View in Hierarchy.
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