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Links to sites external to the US Government are acceptable, but a disclaimer is required. In the XTHML, immediately after each link you create to an external site, enter the following markup.

<ac:macro ac:name="multiexcerpt-include">
<ac:parameter ac:name="nopanel">true</ac:parameter>
<ac:parameter ac:name="MultiExcerptName">ExitDisclaimer</ac:parameter>
<ac:parameter ac:name="PageWithExcerpt">wikicontent:Exit Disclaimer to Include</ac:parameter>

This disclaimer has an image link. The alt text is provided by the multi-excerpt include, along with the image and the link to the disclaimer. The page with this multi-excerpt include is located in a read-only area of the wiki. The markup on the page follows.

<ac:macro ac:name="multiexcerpt">
  <ac:parameter ac:name="MultiExcerptName">ExitDisclaimer</ac:parameter>
  <ac:parameter ac:name="atlassian-macro-output-type">BLOCK</ac:parameter>
    <a href=""> <ac:image ac:alt="Exit Disclaimer logo">
        <ri:attachment ri:filename="exit_small.png"/>
      </ac:image> </a>
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