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Include the complete content of a page on another page

To include the complete content of a page on another page

  • Create the page with the text you want to include. The space root is a good place to create the page, because the page will not interfere with navigation in the space.
  • Give the page a title that indicates it is included on other pages, for example, by putting the words "To Include" at the end of the title, or put the page in a page family of included pages.
  • Navigate to the place on a page where the included text should start and type {include

  • When the macro browser opens, select Include Page and enter the name of the page to include, preceded by the spacekey if the page is in another space.

Avoid putting a table of contents on a page that is to be included, because the links will not work on the page where the table of contents is included.

Example of including the complete content of a page

The caArray Installation Guide has instructions for printing that are on a page in the space root of the caArray2 wiki. The instructions are included in the guide and are also included in the example that follows. The space key and page name are entered as caArray2doc:Instructions for Printing.

Example of Included Page

Unable to render {include} The included page could not be found.

Include part of the content of a page on another page

Use the Multiexcerpt macro. Refer to Including an excerpt from one page on another page.

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