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In version 5.10.4 of Confluence, the JIRA Issues macro allows you to display information from JIRA in the following ways:

  • Display a list of issues.
  • Display a count of issues.
  • Display a single issue.

For details, refer to the following Confluence Support page: Exit Disclaimer logo

If you use the JIRA macro to display a list of issues or a count of issues, the result is accessible to people with disabilities. Here is an example of each:

  • A JIRA macro displaying a count of issues:  Getting issues...
  • A JIRA macro displaying a list of issues: 

    Key Summary Status

However, if you use the JIRA macro to display a single issue, the result has an icon without alt-text, so it is not accessible to people with disabilities. Here is an example:

Lexsystest-31 Create script to pull NCI's base version of CentOS

To remain compliant with the Section 508 mandate, you have the following options:

  • Display a single JIRA issue as a simple hyperlink, as shown here: LEXSYSTEST-31.
  • Use the JIRA Issues macro to display a count or list of issues, as shown above. 
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